The One Place I ALWAYS Shop For Bathing Suits

It wasn’t until this year where I really started being comfortable in bathing suits.

While I’ve always had a pretty good relationship with my body, I still had some insecurities when it came to wearing bathing suits. I wrote about that more in this Instagram post. I’ve gone through A LOT of different bathing suits, and never really found any that I was truly loving my body in.

Until the day Allie introduced me to J.Crew swimwear.

I’ve actually never really looked back after purchasing that first gingham suit. I purchased the leopard one last year, and it’s ONE. OF. MY. FAVORITES. I wear it A LOT. I decided I needed to purchase new patterns this summer, and J.Crew certainly did not disappoint.

the fit

Bathing suit shopping is really hard. My sister works in the bathing suit industry, so I’ve tried A LOT of different suits over the years.

To give more context: I’m 5’2. I’m very flat chested (I wear a 34A). My weight typically fluctuates between 115-125. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don’t know, quarantine has been WEIRD, man. But one consistent thing is: J.Crew bathing suits have always worked for me.

The first time I purchased swim from J.Crew, I bought size smalls. I noticed over the years and wears, the bottoms begin to stretch out. When I purchased new suits for this summer, I sized down to an XS, and remained the same in the top.

so why do i love them?

They make me feel good!

I think if you have a similar body type to mine, you’ll agree. I’m flat chested, I have bigger hips and thighs, but a small waist. The back gives me perfect coverage, but it’s not necessarily full. And I like that. I also think the patterns of their swim are so good. They have fun ones, floral ones, solid ones…something for everyone.

Pro tip: I made the mistake of getting the “boy short” bottoms, and they weren’t as high waisted as the ones I normally get. I ended up keeping them, but they definitely aren’t as flattering as the high waisted ones that I love so much.

When it comes to the tops, I LOVE the underwire bikini top. I love that the straps are removable – I never wear mine with the straps, but I can imagine girls with a bigger chest will appreciate them!

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  1. 7.28.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh I love the colorfull selection they have!

    Lisa |

  2. 7.28.20
    Laura Leigh said:

    It looks soo soo soo good on you! Love the fit of it. I actually haven’t ever tried J.Crew suits (eeeek) need to jump on that. Thanks for the intro!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 7.29.20

      AH THANK YOU!!! I think you’d LOVE them! They’re so so so good.

  3. 7.28.20

    omg this suit is SO cute on you! i’ve been thinking of ordering a suit from J.Crew and now I have to!!

    xo, fran