The Friday Edit, Vol. 13

A weekly edit, by Dana.

The Edit


I’m pretty sure Mercury isn’t in retrograde anymore, so I can’t even blame this week on that. UGH. Just a long, busy week in general. On the brighter side, I’m feeling much more inspired for the blog. I think taking a step back, and actually planning out my content (aka stop rushing through it), the more inspired I get. Oh and traveling DEFINITELY helped too!

Tonight Matt and I are going to the MLB Food Fest. We are SO excited. I love food and Matt loves baseball (hey, I love the Pirates, but he REALLY loves baseball). Basically, we’re going to an event space and there will be a featured dish from every single ball park. HOW COOL?! So to say we are looking forward to tonight is an understatement. It’s open to the public Saturday and Sunday, and I think it’s a REALLY cool way to market the MLB.

Tomorrow, my sister, brother in law, Matt and I are going to the driving range with my dad. I used to go to golf camp when I was younger, and I was actually pretty good. I stopped playing once I started playing travel basketball and then I ran track throughout high school. But golf was one of my first sports I’ve played. It was always something I did with my dad, so I’m excited to start back up again.

And Sunday, I’m shooting a fun campaign that will involves my sister!

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