The Different Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life

As we get older, we realize exactly what kind of people we need in our lives.

Friends are life’s greatest gifts. There’s zero doubt about that. I’ve been lucky to have been blessed with SO many amazing people in my life, and many of them are SO different. They each make my life better in different ways, so I wanted to share a bit more about them. One single friend can fall into all of these categories, or they can be kept within separate friend groups.

You need those ride or die friends

We all have these friends. The friends you can call at any hour of the night and they’d be there for you, no questions asked. These are the friends who have your back 10000%, but also who aren’t afraid to tell you as it is. Whether you’re making a stupid decision or just need a little slap back into reality, these friends are always there for you. I have a few ride or die friends in my life, and honestly, couldn’t have asked for better girls to play the part.

You have friends that are family

These kinds of friends are the ones who just walk right into your house, chill with your family, and are more like a sibling. Since I’ve had a few best friends since high school, they’ve grown to become my family. It’s nice knowing you have lifelong friends that have passed the whole “we’re best friends” thing.

You love to work out with these friends

Over the last few months, I’ve formed a bond with the people that I work out with. My SoulCycle/SYB squad are the ones who make the sweat worth it. I look forward to seeing them in classes…and then getting to know them over juices, brunch, at a party, etc. These people have become really great friends. Working out is WAY more fun when they’re around.

You have the same interests

Obviously, you should have things in common with every friend you have. Much like the workout crew, it’s always important to have friends that you share interests with. My blogging friends are the ones who really understand this crazy industry. And obviously, like Allie, since we spend a lot of time “working” together, it usually ends up turning into an actual friendship…and clearly she is way more than just a friend who bonds with me over blogging. It’s nice to have people to go to when you need to vent about an industry that is so misunderstood.

Do your friends fall into all of these categories? Or do you have a few different friend groups?



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