The Content I’m LIVING For During Covid-19 Outbreak

The Internet is more relevant now than ever during the age of Covid-19.

There’s a fine line between what influencers “should” and “shouldn’t” be posting. The matter of fact is that this is A LOT of people’s way of living…so they have to post as they normally would (without being completely clueless as to what’s going on). I’ve even had some sponsored content go live during this time because I HAD TO! Contracts are contracts, people – and I think a lot of people are starting to understand that…SO THANK YOU!!! Honestly, it’s times like this that your support means THE ABSOLUTE WORLD to content creators.

But then there’s the other kind of content that I really appreciate seeing. Throughout all of this, Instagram is kind of an escape from the fact that I’ve been sitting on a couch for 5+ days. I wanted to share these hardworking people today because I think you’ll really love their content too!


Hayden is hands down one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever met. His content ALWAYS gives me life (if we’re being completely honest over here), but I love how much more active he’s being on Instagram now that he’s working from home. His “shit influencers do” series has me LOLing on the floor. PS: Did you know Hayden actually manages all of my partnerships around here!? So not only is he hysterical over on his own Instagram, but he also helps me get shit done for my business!

@aliciatenise //  blog

Again, I ALWAYS love Alicia’s content, but I really love her content over the last week. She’s been writing meaningful content during this time that a lot of people can find beneficial: Tax tips for the self-employed, how to help others during the Covid-19 outbreak, and *realistic* work from home tips. That’s why I go to her blog to begin with: To help provide useful, relevant information…and to get inspiration!

@charmedbycamille // blog

Camille makes me laugh a lot on Instagram. She’s so relatable and makes you feel like she’s your friend! Over the last year or so, I’ve genuinely started paying attention to her content. And you guys. She KILLS it. Camille has a great mix of fashion, lifestyle, and fitness content. She’s super honest, and I really love LOVE following her. In terms of content during this time, I needed this post on things to binge watch.

@asliceopi // blog

Andrea is one of my friends, and I’ve loved cheering her on for YEARS. Her content has only gotten better after she gave birth to her twin boys. She still serves us LEWKS, but also keeps it SO real. I applaud her for sharing her postpartum journey so openly.

Now is an amazing time for you to also share some of your favorite accounts to follow during this time! I could definitely use some more entertainment. Who do you love to follow…especially during this time?

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