The Beauty Edit: October

A look at the beauty, skincare, and self care products I’ve been loving this month!


I mentioned in this post that I was loving Benefit for a good eyebrow tint and wax. I went 2 weeks ago and the girl who did my brows introduced me to a new product: The brow styler pencil and powder duo. She filled in my brows with the powder part after tinting my brows…and I knew I immediately needed it. I’ve been loving how easy the powder blends in while filling my brows in. Usually the pencil looks a little harsh, so this is a nice way to easily fill your eyebrows!


I used to really enjoy doing yoga in college. I took a yoga class for credit, and then slowly started taking more classes in the DC/Virginia area. I also really enjoyed Bikram. For whatever reason, probably laziness, I stopped practicing. Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to get back into it. I’ve tried Y7 (and I really enjoy it), but I definitely need to continue practicing on my own.

MILK lip balm

Every night after my skin care routine, I LOVE putting this lip balm on. It hydrates the lips using hemp-derived cannabis seed oil and shea butter. SO soothing and perfect way to get your lips ready for the next day;)

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