Getting Dressed For Fall & Winter With Stitch Fix

When I initially started thinking about this partnership with Stitch Fix, I was interested, but I wasn’t immediately sold. Why? Because I’m usually pretty good at shopping. I know what I like, and what I want. But the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I was. At the end of the day, I actually liked the idea of essentially having someone find new pieces for me based on my personal preferences. And I figured it would be great to start with my favorite season for getting dressed — FALL!!! Stitch Fix has some really great key features that I like and wanted to share more with you today.

Stitch Fix Review


But first…what is Stitch Fix? It’s an on demand personalized styling service delivered right to your doorstep. Stitch Fix makes it easy (and fun!) to discover styles and trends that you’ll love. The best part is that there’s NO subscription required – you can get a Fix (a box of 5 personally curated items selected by your own stylist) at any time.


You’ll take a quick quiz that allows you to share your style preferences with your stylist. The quiz encompasses everything from your sizes across different categories, height, proportions, how you like styles to fit, etc. It’s pretty detailed and that made me feel better about having a stylist choose pieces for me.


From there, you’re given a series of outfit collages to go through. You can either love it, hate it, or only like some of the pieces. There’s also a section on what kind of styles to avoid, and what kind of price range you’re looking to stay within. This was actually my favorite feature of the quiz. I love that they take into consideration YOUR needs so that 1. You can afford the pieces you’re sent and 2. The pieces are in line with the quality you expect.

Style Partner

I love that Stitch Fix has a team of stylists that you can trust to keep you on top of your style game. And again, it’s kind of fun to have someone do all of the shopping for you and get a fun little surprise at your door – when you want it!

All Your Faves

I was really surprised at the number of brands Stitch Fix carries. These are brands I know and love (i.e. Club Monaco). I was also really excited to get some pieces from some new to me brands! 

Getting Dressed With Stitch Fix

I couldn’t believe how easily my new pieces from Stitch Fix fit right into my wardrobe. While I never dress super trendy to begin with, I do like staying up to date on trends. And all of the pieces I received were almost TOO easy to style!

Ballet Flats

It seems like flats are having a major moment. I’m a HUGE flats girl (yes, even in the winter to work – I just commute to the office in different shoes!!!), so when these amazing black flats from Seychelles arrived, I was STOKED. They are elegant, yet modern with the snipped square toe. The gathered detail adds such a nice finishing touch, and oh the best part? The cushioned footbed ensures ultimate comfort.

Stitch Fix Review

Woven Accessories

We’ve seen them everywhere. We all know that woven accessories are SUPER on trend right now, and that’s why I loved getting this bag from Malibu Sky. It’s the perfect little bag that fits all of my essentials!

Stitch Fix Review


When I pulled this coat out of the box, I think I shrieked. I’m still a firm believer that leopard is a neutral, and this coat is just such a fun piece. It’s also INSANELY soft and cozy. Plus, I love that with leopard anything you can wear both black, beige, and brown! The options are endless.


And finally, there’s NOTHING better than a GOOD sweater. So when I saw this Club Monaco cashmere sweater and Les Serein sweater, I couldn’t be happier. I love easy sweaters that you can just throw on and go. Cashmere obviously is SO luxurious, and feels GREAT on the body. I was also really loving the Les Serein sweater with the adorable and on trend ruffle details. Adds a little bit of femme! I also LOVED it paired with my leopard jacket!

Overall, I was really happy with my experience with Stitch Fix. Not only did I end up LOVING all of the pieces I received, but I also thought it was really fun to take the quiz and see what goodies arrive on your doorstep. Sign up for Stitch Fix today and get 25% off if you decide to keep all 5 items in your Fix!

photos by allie provost

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