Up, Up, Up

This post is sponsored by smartwater. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own – thank you for supporting brands that make Pink Champagne Problems possible! 

It is essential for me to set goals fairly often (personal, professional, blog-related) that have to do with my everyday ambitions. This way, I’m always reaching for success in increments throughout the year. If I’ve accomplished a few of my goals, I feel pretty freakin’ awesome. If I haven’t quite accomplished some of them, it motivates me to go further and try harder. 

NYFW is a big time for my blog.  Between scheduling photoshoots, RSVP’ing to events (and actually attending these events), and working on fun content during the biggest time in fashion, this year really snuck up on me. While I haven’t accomplished a ton of things that I would like to, I can definitely see the growth in this little spot of the Internet.  

One of my favorite ways to get motivated is during NYFW. It truly is one of the best times of the year (that luckily happens twice a year). While Spring/Summer isn’t my favorite collection (I’m a sucker for Fall/Winter), I’m always interested to see how designers and brands put their own spin on upcoming trends. This really helps get my butt into gear when it comes to putting looks together to shoot. NYFW always leaves me inspired and ready to kick things into full gear. 

Another essential during NYFW? My smartwater. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll notice that I’ve partnered with smartwater on a few different projects (like this one here). It’s my go-to drink of choice and the brand theme (up, up, up) really fits into my everyday lifestyle when it comes to ambitions. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I always have smartwater with me to not only keep me hydrated during busy days, but to also remind me to stay motivated. 

This story is brought to you by smartwater, who believes in making progress every day little by little and sip by sip. That’s how you move up up up.

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