How To Shop My Outfits

I’ve been blogging for over ten years and one of my most asked questions I get is “where is that from?” or “do you have a link for that?” when I share something on Instagram. Today, I wanted to share the different ways to shop my outfits to make it easier for you to shop any out of my outfits I share on Instagram and on the blog!

Where To Shop My Outfits

On The Blog (DUH)

If I’m posting about something, I’m going to be linking it on my blog. Each individual post will either have text links, a shopping widget, or a collage that is shoppable. I also have a “SHOP” page that I update pretty regularly, as well as a “currently loving” section on the homepage of my website. I always try my best to link exact items, but if you’re not seeing it, it’s because the item is no longer available. I aim to link things that are in stock, and then try to link similar items that are also in stock.

On Social Media

Everything you see on Instagram or TikTok is going to be shoppable – and there are a few ways to do that.

On ShopMy

How To Shop My Outfits

I started using ShopMy in 2023, and have been LOVING it. As a creator, it’s important to me that I’m able to customize what I’m sharing with you! That’s why you’ll see a bunch of different “shelves”:

  • MY OUTFITS Here’s where you’ll find my actual outfits
  • MY CLOSET Here’s where you’ll find pieces that I actually own
  • WHAT I’M SHOPPING Here’s where you’ll find shopping round ups, pieces on sale, items from specific retailers (i.e. I’ll always post J.Crew New Arrivals there).


If you consumer a lot of content from creators, you’ll probably know about LTK. While I’ve taken a bit of a step back from using LTK in my every day links – I prefer ShopMy because it’s much more user friendly, I do still update it with my product collages and Amazon links.

Instagram Comment

This is a fairly new strategy that my audience seems to love! Whenever I post something that is shoppable on Instagram, I set up an automation that will send links directly to your DMs. I’ve found this to be helpful for my audience because they’re only commenting if they really do want the links to what I’m wearing. Here’s how it works, in my caption you’ll see a word that you can comment (it’s usually “links” or “details”) and you’ll immediately get those outfit links sent to your DMs! It’s actually really cool, and a great way for me to never miss a DM about a link!

“Shop My Outfits”…but why?

I know this is sometimes a touchy subject. I see a lot from both sides – those who hate clicking links from content creators and those who really love giving credit to these people. So here’s what I have to say right off the bat: If you don’t want to support a content creator, don’t click their links and don’t follow them. If you want to support a content creator, clicking and purchasing from links is one way to do so. Clicking and purchasing from a link provided from a content creator comes at NO cost to you.

Part of my income is based on using these links. Think of it this way: Imagine you’re at a store and an associate helps you pick out a great top and even helps you with sizing information. When you’re at the register, you’ll often hear “Did anyone help you with this today?” Then from there, that associate will most likely make a commission. That’s how I like to think of content creators.

On the flip side, I understand if it’s just link after link after link. That can get annoying for sure. But if you’re following a creator that you actually enjoy their recommendations and you think they’re putting effort into that content, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t support them by using an affiliate link! If you’re frequently shopping online, this could generate A LOT of support for the content creators you support.

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