An NSale Purchase – Lush Swing Dress

The greatest sale of the year is still going strong…and I love it. I’m definitely guilty of shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale more than once – and I may or may not be going back tonight for this two piece set….and this. I JUST CAN’T STAY AWAY.

This week, I’ll be sharing some of my Nordstrom purchases with you! 

I know most of the items in the sale are pre-Fall and true Fall, but I purchased this dress with every intention on wearing it the rest of summer. Unfortunately, it out during early access (it might be available in some stores, so I would call and check), but there are still a ton of similar dresses available that I needed to share with you before they sold out too!

You know how much I love wearing dresses, especially in the summer…mostly because I just hate getting dressed when it’s disgustingly hot and humid. Swing dresses and trapeze dresses are my favorite because they’re flowy and overall flattering dresses to wear. 

In my opinion, swing and trapeze dresses look better when they’re on the shorter side — but within reason (aka you can still bend and not show the world what you’re workin’ with). Don’t you agree?

Did you snag this dress? Or did you get any other amazing dresses from the sale? Let me know!

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