How I Approached New York Fashion Week This Year

In February, I was SO against New York Fashion Week – I boycotted it and avoided every event and show at all costs.

How I Approached New York Fashion Week This Year by NYC fashion blogger Pink Champagne Problems

You can read my explanation here.

I still have many of the same feelings towards New York Fashion Week. I’m still not sold that every single person who attends NYFW is here for the right reasons. And yes, that’s 100% my opinion, but that’s my gut feeling towards it.

This year, I’m headed into New York Fashion Week with a completely different (and more strategic) mindset. Instead of RSVP’ing to every single event or show that was thrown my way – I was careful about booking myself up. Unfortunately, my favorite shows/designers/presenations were either a) During the day and I can’t step out of the office, or b) I wasn’t cool enough to be invited. I didn’t do any reaching out to PR companies or to brands directly because I knew I just didn’t have enough time to do it. Following up alone takes up so much of my time. I honestly didn’t want to take any days off from work to dive into NYFW, so I utilized the little time I did have.

I started focusing on building relationships with my favorite brands and taking the time to meet up with my favorite ladies who I don’t get to see as much as I’d like to. I’m going to a few events and meeting with my favorite brands to preview new collections. I’m also just excited to take a deep dive into the runway collections on WWD (a subscription is A MUST, I highly recommend).

Last year, I was kind of negative towards New York Fashion Week… as you probably have read. I was bitter that some people weren’t taking it seriously, and almost disrespecting the industry. This time around (maybe it’s because I’m older and wiser, JK), I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s content from the week!

If you are in town for New York Fashion Week, here’s some of my advice:

It’s okay to put your phone down during a show

Sure, you’re going to want to snap a few photos or get a boomerang, but I highly recommend actually watching the show. The designers and teams work so hard on shows and it’s really cool to be able to see an entire collection on the runway. Take notes of trends, patterns, palettes, etc. It’s really cool, I promise. Plus, do people actually want to see 5239082+ photos/videos/boomerangs from the same show?

Do a recap!

That’s what I’m really interested in. Yes, I love following along on IG/IG Stories in real-time, BUT I love going to someone’s blog and seeing a full recap. Whether it’s what you wore to each show or what trends you noticed on the runway, I’m so here for it

Make sure to have the essentials

An external charger, change of shoes/flats, and a snack will help you get through the day.

Don’t forget to have fun

Make time to go get a glass of wine (or three) with your blogger besties. Forget about the craziness of New York Fashion Week for a minute and just have fun!


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  1. 9.11.17

    Amen to putting the phone down during a show!! I know I click through peoples Insta’s where they share 49389357 photos from one show! And what fun did you really have at a show if you’re too busy posting on your stories?! I think you took a great approach and I REALLY enjoyed your snaps from the rS party!

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  2. 9.11.17
    Jenn Lake said:

    Couldn’t agree more about putting your phone down! It’s amazing to see how few people are actually watching with their own two eyes! Happy Monday, friend!

  3. 9.11.17

    Sounds like a good attitude. I’m not even “into” fashion but it seems like something I’d want to attend once#bucketlist

  4. 9.12.17

    I like this outfit on you – a different look than your usual! Off topic, but “here for the right reasons” reminds me of The Bachelor – ha ha ha! 😉 Have a great week, Dana! Looking forward to your recap and fall content! 🙂