Nantucket Packing List

When you’re a content creator going to one of the most Insta-worthy places, you KNOW the packing list is EXTRA special. But ya know, gotta be practical too.

nantucket packing list
Heading to Nantucket? New York City fashion blogger, The Champagne Edit shares the perfect Nantucket Packing List for your next trip!

mini dress // sunscreen // bathing suit // top // sunglasses // shoes // bag // maxi dress // shorts // sweatshirt

Honestly, I’m stoked to be heading to Nantucket at the end of the week with Allie and Elle. We’ve been saying we’ve been wanting to go for at least a year, and finally, we just planned it. Let me tell you: Our excitement level is THROUGH THE ROOF. We’ve been discussing plans nonstop, and I just know we’re going to have the best long weekend ever.

I know how difficult it could be to pack for a trip, so I wanted to share what I plan on packing for our trip to Nantucket!


Nantucket is the place to bring out your brightest and most fun dresses…right? I picked up this tunic-y dress after eyeing it as soon as it hit the New Arrivals section. I knew it was going to perfect for this vacation. I also am planning on packing this Something Navy dress for one of our dinners. Dresses are honestly just some of the easiest pieces to throw on during a summer vacation, so you better believe most of my suitcase are dresses. Check out some of my other dresses below!



I’ve been absolutely loving this sunscreen, so I bought a few travel size bottles to keep in my bag throughout the summer. It’s unbelievably lightweight and I don’t feel bothered when I want to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Obviously also packing this sunscreen for under my make up.


I don’t think we’re planning on laying out, but still packing a swimsuit just in case. This Zimmermann one pretty much screams Nantucket. Right? It was a crazy impulse buy, so I’m wearing it AS MUCH as possible.


I’ve been on a feminine blouse kick lately. When I saw this one, I just knew she needed to come home with me. I love a good blouse to get tucked into a pair of high rise jeans. And this blouse fit the bill (along with a couuuuuuple of others). I also wore it tucked into a midi skirt for work!



You guys know I love my sunglasses. A lot. Naturally, every look has to have a good pair of sunglasses to go with it. I’ve been loving these round ones, but also packing other shapes and colors!


I’m a bag lady (seriously, I carry this bag around 4 out of 5 days a week). When I’m on vacation, I want to carry around fun bags. So I plan on packing this one along with a few versatile other ones!


We’re going to be walking everywhere, so appropriate footwear is a must. I’m definitely packing my Birks for when we’re walking around shopping and such. Luckily, I think these sandals are pretty darn comfortable, so they’ll be able to dress up my outfits. And of course, a crisp pair of Gucci loafers will work.


Shorts are obviously very important for summer. Up until last week, I had such an issue finding shorts that my butt didn’t hang out of. I decided to look at American Eagle for shorts and I HIT THE JACKPOT. I seriously walked out with 8 pairs of shorts. I’m packing 3 pairs (one hang out pair, a dressier pair, and a “cool pair that I’ve been wanting to try).



I’ve never been to Nantucket, but I could imagine a few sweaters are a must for cooler nights. I definitely gravitate towards crew necks, and I love wearing them with shorts at night. Much like our first trip to the Hamptons for the summer, we are always looking for a cute sweatshirt. Obviously, one of our first stops in Nantucket is a cute shop where we can get cute Nantucket gear…because, basic. I picked up a new cashmere sweater that I’ll be bringing with me for those chilly nights where I still want to look put together!

Am I missing anything from my packing list?! Please let me know now so I don’t forget anything;)

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