Industrial Minimalism

You know when you just find a cool place and you have to get out and take pictures. That’s kind of how these pictures happened. I love roaming around, discovering new places, and hopefully get a few good shots out of it – but I was wearing my favorite leather jacket so it was going to be a win/win.

Now let’s talk about this sweater. My freshman year of college, I bought these sweaters from Express, and I swear I wore them almost every day. And then, I don’t remember what happened to them. Every one of them disappeared. I guess I must have thrown them out – which is so weird, but there’s really no other explanation.

Wait, there’s a point to this story, I promise.

So I was with my friend one night, and we were talking about the sweaters that I loved so much. After spending like 25 minutes trying to remember the name of them, we looked on the Express website and found them! And they were 50% off. (Now, they’re 30% off).What. A. Steal. Which is why I now own two. YAY! I couldn’t help but pair this look with my favorite leather jacket – it pulls it together and makes it look more chic!


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