Then & Now: J.Crew Jackie Cardigan

J.Crew Cardigan - Jackie Cardigan

I’m a big nostalgic gal. I love the feelings when you hear a familiar sound, drink a familiar drink, and see a familiar sight. These feelings of nostalgia also apply to clothing (for me at least). By now, we all should remember my absolute love affair with J.Crew during my college days. And if you don’t, here’s a little trip down memory lane. The 2000s and early 2010s were J.Crew’s PRIME, we all know that – from the incredible New York Fashion week collections to Michelle Obama constantly wearing J.Crew as the First lady.

When I was first introduced to the brand, there was a piece that I just COULD NOT STOP BUYING. It was my very first J.Crew cardigan, and it was NOT going to be my last. Oh, the lovely Jackie cardigan that has been around since 2004. I think I owned it in every color that was offered over the years. It truly was the most versatile piece in my closet, and I loved them so much. As I was continuing to find my personal style, I strayed from J.Crew, only buying a couple of pieces here and there. But, now that the brand has made its comeback, I am also BACK.

To me, a J.Crew cardigan is an absolute essential in your wardrobe. Sure, they might SEEM outdated, but that really shouldn’t be your worry. A classic cardigan can be your go to for a lot of things: for the office, for the plane, for a third piece on a chilly day.

So when I saw that J.Crew re-issued a NEW Jackie cardigan, the knee-jerk nostalgia was REAL. And I feel like all 30-something+ women an relate. I feel like MOST of us can likely recall a J.Crew phase. Maybe, like for me, it serves as a reminder of my preppy college days when I first started blogging. You know, the days where connections and friendships were made over bubble necklaces and the same chambray popover.

Okay, so let’s talk about the new Jackie cardigan. Well first, it’s RIBBED. The rib helps give a substantial appearance, even though it’s definitely a lighter weight sweater. The quality is slightly updated as well and there’s a touch of silk for some added luxury. It’s a drapey, comfortable fabric that can easily be worn as a light layer OR as a top (you know we love a buttoned cardi). I also LOVE that it’s a bracelet length sleeve, so you can layer up the arm party like it’s 2012 again (IYKYK). And finally, the site goes into more detail, but this J.Crew cardigan is not only soft, BUT ALSO naturally sweat-wicking and breathable. We love a good added bonus;) Plus, there’s 7 perfect colors to choose from…and hey, who knows? Maybe you’ll end up wanting them all.

j.crew cardigan: jackie

above images via j.crew website

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  1. 4.13.23
    Alyssa said:

    It’s wild how quickly fashion is cycling these days. Thanks for the fun dose of nostalgia (or should I say, the present)!