Instagram Didn’t Kill My Blog, It Made It Better

Would you believe me if I told you that last year my blog hit the HIGHEST numbers EVER in the 6+ years I’ve been doing this?

Well…you should.

Because it did.

When I took a look at my 2018 stats, I was honestly SHOOK. In the social media age, blogs are considered a “dying breed”. Well, at least that’s what everyone without a blog says. But I think I can speak for A LOT of bloggers when I say, BLOGS ARE NOT DEAD.

I honestly think I have Instagram to thank for helping me drastically increase my numbers around The Champagne Edit. I was ready to give up on Instagram. It’s dramatic, and stupid, but honestly, I was just super unhappy with the changes on the platform.

So I did something about it.

I started focusing on my content for the blog.

And that’s it.

That was the absolutely biggest game changer. I slowly started throwing in random long form pieces into my schedule, and really loved the response. I did some research on my own website and just blown away by the difference in content in just a matter of months. I really started long form content towards the end of Summer 2017, transitioning away from the standard fashion blog post about “what I’m wearing, click to shop” and that’s it.

It was really boring.

And I just got sick of the mindless posts. It wasn’t creative anymore.

Clearly my readers were on the same page, because once I started consistently posting longer form content, my numbers skyrocketed.

I’m super thankful that my blog started succeeding during the age of Instagram. It not only helped me focus less on my tanking Instagram (seriously, I haven’t even grown much over the last two years), but also helped me realize that blogs ARE NOT DEAD. My website started becoming a true creative outlet for me: a place where I can write ALL of my thoughts, and be excited to share them with like minded people. I really enjoy putting out these “conversation starter” pieces that allow me to connect with readers and friends on a different level. Longer form content also allowed me to launch Elle’s Edit with my best friend. I love that you’re also interested in what Elle has to say (seriously, she’s super smart and wise).

In 2019, my goal is to continue growing these numbers on my website. I’m proud that I didn’t give up on my blog when Instagram became the next big thing. Now that Instagram is a struggle for most people, I can proudly say that my blog is growing. I also want to prove to brands and agencies that blogs are not dead, and that they should pay me for not JUST Instagram posts. That’s definitely the next big feat. Wish me luck;)

photos by allie provost

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