Hear Me Out…Abercrombie Crushes The Game

Raise your hand if you wore not one, but TWO A&F polos…and popped BOTH collars. *raises hand*

Oh oh oh OR an A&F cable sweater with a denim mini skirt with….UGG BOOTS. These two outfits pretty much sum up my style the years of 2005-2007.

Over the years, Abercrombie got a bad rep for their lack of inclusive sizing, which I think may have been the best thing for their brand. They did a COMPLETE 180, in my opinion. Now, Abercrombie is one of my favorite places to shop for EVERYTHING – both casual, lounge, and dressier pieces!

Their dresses (like the one above) are honestly SO cute. They can be worn with sneakers or a sandal. They can be worn alone or with a 3rd piece. My wardrobe is slowly but surely becoming more versatile. These are the kinds of pieces I actually NEED in my closet because I can easily re-wear with a ton of other pieces!

my abercrombie favorites

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