Summertime Livin’

When I think of “summer vacation”, I think of a few things: rosé, sun-kissed skin, and relaxation at it’s finest (Of course you gotta throw in some wild times too – perfect example here).

Our weekend in the Hamptons (see another post from our weekend here) was definitely a relaxing one, and DEFINITELY something I look forward to doing again soon. One night, we popped a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and just sat by the pool. Okay, okay, first we watched The Parent Trap. It made me realize how good company and a great atmosphere (aka a warm pool) can be so much better than going out all night long.

I bought this chambray romper minutes (literally) before leaving to head out to the Hamptons. And let me just say this: IT’S SO FREAKIN’ COMFORTABLE. The chambray is so soft, making it something I know I’m going to be reaching for the rest of the summer. I felt like being “fancy” and throwing one of my favorite scarves on my “days-since-I’ve-been-washed-hair” (also eyeing this one here) – it felt like a good time to wear it 😉

As for this weekend, who knows what shenanigans I’ll be getting into. All I know, I’m ready for a long, 3-day holiday weekend down the shore 😉 Oh and since tomorrow is July 1, I feel the need to point out that it will officially be my birthday month….just in case you were dying to know.

SCARF wearing 36″



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