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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than a week away! The holiday season always seems to sneak up on me, and I’m always unprepared. *insert eye roll emoji* Luckily, many retailers are still offering “delivery by Christmas” options, so I think I’ll be okay.

This gift guide is for all of my 9-to-5 gals. Even though I feel like I run Pink Champagne Problems full-time, many of you know that I also am a merchandiser for a menswear company. Although I’m always thinking about what I’m going to wear for blog photos, most of the outfits I wear here are outfits I wear to work – so I thought this gift guide would help all of my readers who are 9-to-5ers themselves or have a friend that is too!

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CASHMERE SWEATER | As mentioned in this post, I really believe that every girl should have at least one cashmere sweater in her closet. They’re perfect for that extra layer of warmth and are so so so cozy!

AGENDA I realize that even if you’re not a 9-to-5er, agendas are SUPER important. I’ve been purchasing agenda every year since 2013 (when I started working at Kate Spade). I love how chic it is, and the simple features are exactly what I want in a planner!

TOTE| Work totes are so important, especially if you’re commuting. I personally love a good work tote that has a ton of pockets – that’s why I’m so excited I found this one online (on sale too)!

PENCIL CUP | For whatever reason, I’m obsessed with pencil cup holders. I love how cute and fun they can be…so I knew I needed to include this one in my guide!

NOTEPADS | Ah, the good old notepad. I’m OBSESSED with writing lists. Sometimes I write things on my list that I’ve already accomplished just so I can write more. I 100% get more motivated to get sh*t done when I have it written down on a cute piece of paper.

PHONE CASE | I mean, what working girl DOESN’T count down the hours till happy hour on Friday? This phone case is a good reminder;)

BEVERAGE WARMER | Some days are really busy for my team and I. To the point where we can’t even leave our desks. When I saw this ridiculously practical gift, I immediately purchased it. It’s a super inexpensive gift, but I think it’s really thoughtful!

CARD CASE | Every 9-to-5 gal needs a chic business card case to hold her impressive cards, right?


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  1. 12.16.16
    Brittany Garcia said:

    I’m all about flamingos!! Love the stationary and of course you can never go wrong with the warmer!!! Love these 🙂
    Brittany 🙂

  2. 12.16.16

    Yes yes to the coffee mug warmer!