If The Shoe Fits

…Wear it.

That saying can apply to things other than shoes, right?

Well let’s back up a second and talk about the shoes: When I opened the box and found these inside, I couldn’t help but smile. I’m a huge fan of cognac,, I just think it goes with everything – even black! Actually, I think black and cognac are such a good color pairing – so sleek! Cognac accents are especially my favorite.

I decided to wear them to work the day after I received them, which is usually a mistake since most shoes need to be broken in. I was surprisingly shocked at how comfortable these were – I wore them from 8am to 6pm…and I was completely fine! 

PS: Remember when I wore these Franco Sarto booties to Farmborough Music Festival?

Clearly I’m a huge fan of the brand! I may or may not have bought these booties in 2 colors too….

Now onto my sunglasses. I’m a big sunglasses gal – sometimes I carry 5 pairs (yes, they’re the same, in different colors) in my bag because you just never know when you want to switch or which pair looks best with your outfit 😉 Ok, you can officially call me psychotic.

Anyway…last Friday, I was in the mood to shop a bit. Ever have one of those days? Yeah…fine…they happen pretty frequently. Sue me.

Moooooooving on.

I’d been eyeing a pair of sunglasses since I saw them on Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls and figured Barneys would have them – and when they didn’t, I was a little bummed. Also, I’m an impulse shopper, so I wasn’t about to go to multiple stores (even though Bergdorfs is close by) to look for them. So basically, I started going on a “let me just try on every pair of sunglasses on the wall” rampage….which led me to stumble upon these Céline sunglasses.

I immediately fell in love…and thought I was the sassiest human being to ever walk the planet. So I’m never taking them off. You have been warned.

And onto this off the shoulder top

This trend is everywhere. I even wore an off the shoulder dress (still so perfect for date night). I kind of dig it. Everywhere I go, I look for off the shoulder tops/dresses because I think they’re too perfect. They’re so easy to wear, but really help make it look like you’re trying. 

Even though we know I’m not.

This particular top is perfect because it has such great detail AND it’s under $40! I almost bought it in all three colors, but then I realized that would be a little ridiculous…..luckily they still have all sizes available, so I can change my mind 😉

Top: Nordstrom
Shorts: rag & bone via OTTE 
Shoes: Franco Sarto c/o
Bag: Kate Spade
Sunnies: Céline
Necklace: The Atelier c/o
Earrings: Roman Luxe c/o
Belt: American Eagle

Liner: Bare Minerals
Lipstick: NARS


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