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Fisherman Sandals

Clearly, we’re in a shoe mood this week on It’s Casual. Earlier this week, I shared my love of mesh flats. But what about when you want something a little different? Something a little cooler, dare I say? Let me introduce you to fisherman sandals. While I don’t think fisherman sandals are the hottest trend, I think they’re out there and very much prevalent in the fashion space, and something that could add a nice touch to your existing wardrobe.

Fisherman Sandals

I think the first pair of fisherman sandals I saw were from The Row. Basically an instant love. I didn’t invest in them, and instead waited for the day when they became available to the mass market.

Ok, so WHY do I love fisherman sandals so much? I think they add a level of “I don’t care” to my outfit. Not in a bad way!! In a chill way, you know what I mean? The weather is all over the place these days, I believe that fisherman sandals are VERSATILE as f*ck. Since they’re a pretty covered sandal, it’s perfect for a lot of temperatures. Plus, even when it’s cold, I’m just throwing on a cashmere sock. These sandals are officially a classic in my head. They feel vintage, in a way, yet modern and trendy. Any time I wear mine, I get a lot of compliments – and that’s when you KNOW they’re good.

How To Wear Fisherman Sandals

I love a these sandals because it really does help transform your look. I can wear them with trousers and a button down, or I can wear them with a dress. It’s a sensibly, yet chic shoe. It’s a perfect balance between feminine and masculine. I’ve found that they flatter the foot quite nicely. It’s a shoe that can do it all!

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