How To Find Creative Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty inspired. And overall just really happy about life, where I’m at, etc. Creative inspiration comes all around: people, places, things. It’s pretty awesome when you think about, huh?

How To Find Creative Inspiration by NYC fashion blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems How To Find Creative Inspiration by NYC fashion blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems How To Find Creative Inspiration by NYC fashion blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems How To Find Creative Inspiration by NYC fashion blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems How To Find Creative Inspiration by NYC fashion blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems How To Find Creative Inspiration by NYC fashion blogger Dana of Pink Champagne Problems

For me, there are a few ways I find creative inspiration — and I wanted to share them with you in hopes to inspire YOU! Whether you’re a fashion blogger, food blogger, lifestyle blogger, or not a blogger at all, the inspiration sources are endless.

Through the people who inspire you

There are SO many people who inspire me: My sister, my boyfriend, my co-workers, and even many bloggers (Lookin’ at you, Jenn!). I owe a lot to each person that inspires me, even if they don’t know it. I would be lying if I said these people don’t account for my successes, because they absolutely do! My sister is the one who guided me into the fashion industry and she continues to be my biggest role model. Matt inspires me to become a better person every single day, he’s honestly the most genuine person I know and it just makes me want to do better. My co-workers are so freakin’ talented and it’s an honor to be able to see the world through their eyes/designs every day. And last, but not least, there are some really amazing people doing really amazing things in the blogging world. Just one example is my friend, Jenn Lake. She 100% inspires me not only through her ridiculously chic style, but also through her abilities to manage two jobs. And freakin’ kicks butt at both of them. She’s living proof that you can be ridiculously successful at running a blog and still have an amazing career!

Through the places that inspire you

When it comes to places, New York City is obviously a HUGE source of inspiration for me. Between the architecture, hidden gems on every corner, and the people this city produces… I really don’t even think there’s enough space on this page to write about my feelings towards New York City. It just inspires me so much. I always feel so lucky that I get to do what I do in this city. I always think about how different my blog would be if I didn’t live in New York. What would my style be like? Would I still be stuck in my “J.Crew only” phase like I was in college? What would my photos look like? I probably wouldn’t work with the talented people I work with for my photos (Oh, and Matt is getting pretty good at them too!). I definitely wouldn’t be able to connect with amazing brands if I wasn’t in New York. That’s one of the biggest things I’m grateful for. I get to go to work and be with inspiring people in the fashion industry and then leave work and go meet with brands at their showroom and get lucky enough to be invited to events with them. I hope you know I don’t take this for granted EVER!

Through your own thoughts and actions

When I sit back and evaluate how far Pink Champagne Problems has come since I started it in 2012, I feel so proud of myself. What started as a way to make some extra money through an on-campus position (yes, I was paid to write blog posts through my school), became a business. I’ve worked my butt off to maintain Pink Champagne Problems and in return, I’ve inspired myself to continue this journey. Inspiring yourself is important, and it’s OKAY to feel inspired by your own work.

photos by laurel creative

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  1. 7.3.17

    Love this post!
    I’m in a bit of a slump right now and could really use some new inspiration!
    Also, I love your jacket;)

    • 7.4.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Aww so glad you read this post then! We all get in slumps from time to time! xx

  2. 7.3.17

    What a great post Dana!! Being inspired is so important and I totally agree that it’s okay to feel inspired by your own work and surroundings. You inspire me with how well you juggle both careers and your passion for PCP! xo Bryn

    • 7.4.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Thank you so much, Bryn! I truly appreciate your words – you are THE best! xx

  3. 7.3.17
    Amanda Alvarado said:

    Love this! Being inspired is so important and there have been times where I’ve lost my inspiration, but learning how to find it again is so important.

    • 7.4.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      I think it’s completely normal for us to get stuck in ruts here and there – but it’s so important to keep your eyes open for that inspiration — you never know where it’ll come from! xx

  4. 7.3.17
    Natali said:

    Your skirt and shoes are wonderful! You’re looking lovely in this outfit!

    • 7.4.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Thank you so much, Natali! xx

  5. 7.3.17
    Rachel said:

    This skirt is KILLER! Love the outfit. Inspiration is such an incredible thing and once you stop focusing on the obvious, there are so many places to pull creative inspiration from!

    Rachel /

    • 7.4.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Thank you so much! And yes, I TOTALLY AGREE. I always try to be aware of what’s happening around me because you just never know where you’ll find inspiration! xx

  6. 7.3.17

    I love that jacket! I have never seen one with that color! Love it!

    • 7.4.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      It’s SO good! I have it in three colors and this one is my favorite! xx

  7. 7.3.17
    Jenn Lake said:

    Oh my gosh – thank you so much for your lovely comment, lady! YOU inspire ME!

    • 7.4.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      You are THE best, Jenn! So happy our paths have crossed in this world! xx

  8. 7.3.17

    Absolutely loved and needed this post!

    xo Kylie

    • 7.4.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Aww so glad, girlfriend! Hope you’re doing well! I’m heading to Nashville in a few weeks!

  9. 7.4.17
    Lyndi said:

    Thanks for sharing – great post. Always good to be reminded to keep looking for inspiration, and not be discouraged.
    Lovely photos too!

    • 7.4.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Aww, thank you Lyndi! xx

  10. 7.4.17
    Kimberly Ann said:

    This is a great post! I agree it’s so important to surround yourself with people who motivate you!

    Kim .. “skinny” last minute 4th treats!

  11. 7.7.17
    Katie Lee said:

    Yes yes yes!! I LOVE this post! You are so right and YOU inspire me!