Pop Fizz Chat | It’s The Weekend 3.31

A weekly series dedicated to everything from life, travel and fashion Q&A, sale finds, weekend updates, sneak peeks and more!Pop Fizz Chat | Fashion Q&A 3.31 by fashion blogger Dana from Pink Champagne Problems

C H A M P A G N E  T A S T E

What is your favorite and least favorite social media platform? Do you have any thoughts on social media in general?

I honestly love Twitter. It’s where I get a lot of my “news” updates from (everything from breaking news to sports updates) and how I really cross-promote my content. Facebook is also a great way to cross-promote your content. I think at the end of the day, I’m just trying to get people on my site. That’s why I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. Yes, I love posting and connecting/engaging with others, but it’s NOT my favorite platform. All people see are numbers, and I don’t like that – sometimes I tell people I wish Instagram would just go away randomly one day;) Just being honest!

Have you read or written any good articles/have good advice for someone trying to start or grow their blog?

Hmm. This is a tough one because the blogosphere is SO saturated. I feel like 8 out of 10 people have a blog these days. If you’re trying to start a blog, I would say start it for the right reasons. Make sure you genuinely want to write content, share amazing photographs and be prepared to put in the work.

PS: Are you signed up for The Weekend Toast? I’ve loved writing all my life, so this new exclusive content is a great opportunity to expand Pink Champagne Problems…and for you to get to know me on another level. I would LOVE for you to subscribe! (Don’t worry, I will never spam your inbox!) A little preview: I talk about everything from my job to time management, and so much more! Oh, and I always find something to toast to!

C H A M P A G N E  F I N D S

Anyone else go on a shopping spree at LOFT? No? Just me? Okay. My sister was wearing this dress and I knew it was on sale, so I went online…and fell into a shopping black hole. Their new arrivals are AMAZING. Scroll through to see what I picked up plus what else I’m loving!

C H A M P A G N E  D A I L Y

I was 100% a bad blogger this week. Only three posts? Yikes. It was really busy, filled with a ton of meetings at work and after-work events and meetings. I’ve talked about time management in my weekly newsletter, The Weekend Toast, because people tell me I must be good at it. And maybe I am – it’s hard to balance both – but I’m here to say that it’s OKAY to take a break every once in a while. Although it definitely stresses me out when I miss a day of posting new content, I constantly have to remind myself that it happens.

So that’s my spiel for the day.

Tonight, Matt and I are going to the Penguins/Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. I’m a HUGE Penguins fan, so I love being able to see them play when they’re in NY. If you’re a hockey fan, let me know your team below…can you believe the season is almost over already?!

The rest of the weekend will consist of shooting, editing, writing and every other blog related task you could think of.

C H A M P A G N E  G A I N S

This week I hit up Equinox twice in the morning, and I was SO proud of myself. My sister and I tried a new class: Heated Pilates. We LOVED it. I’ve actually never done a Pilates class, but really enjoyed yoga (heated, hot, and Bikram), so I was excited for this. And let me tell you, Pilates is HARD. But so awesome. Now I just need to make a real effort to get to this 7AM class before work every Wednesday;)

Are you into Pilates or yoga? Let me know!

C H A M P A G N E  L O V I N ‘

A few of my favorite blog posts from this week!

I hope you enjoy this Pop! Fizz! Chat! fashion Q&A series as much I enjoy writing and researching for it. If you ever have a question you’d like me to answer, feel free to shoot me an email, tweet me, send me a DM on Instagram, or ask it anonymously here!

H A P P Y  W E E K E N D !

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  1. 3.31.17

    I love pilates! Was your class on the machines or just the mat because the classes on the machines are KILLER but such an amazing workout. If I was actually consistent about working out and only did that I could get ripped in month haha a girl can dream..
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  2. 3.31.17

    Totally agree with you on the love/hate relationship with Instagram AND your Loft shopping spree, I had one as well. Their stuff is SO good this season. Enjoy the game tonight gal!

    xo Laura Leigh

  3. 3.31.17

    I have a love/hate relationship with almost all social platforms. Before I started my blog I had basically ditched them all. Now it just comes with the territory. 🙂 Thanks for all the links! Have an awesome weekend!

  4. 3.31.17
    Jenn Lake said:

    Thanks lady! Have a wonderful weekend ahead! ?

  5. 3.31.17
    vaishali verma said:

    Thanks for sharing. Have Lovely Weekend.

  6. 3.31.17

    It seems like every one “loves” instagram and they pressure you to “love” it to, haha, but I HATE it. Nothing about it is enjoyable for me.