Farmborough Music Festival With DSW

This post was sponsored by DSW. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own – thank you for supporting brands that make Pink Champagne Problems possible!

If you didn’t know, I am a huge country music fan and I have been well before it was “popular” in New York. I blame Taylor Swift for introducing me to some of the best country artists when I was like a sophomore in high school 😉

Through the years, I’ve really appreciated country music and it’s definitely influenced me in a great way. Whether it’s that break up song that somehow captures exactly how you’re feeling or that song about drinking that gets you ready for the weekend…no matter what, there’s a country song for your mood. And I love that.

So going to Farmborough Music Festival was an absolute must. Me and five of my best friends bought tickets back in November and never thought the weekend would actually come. But it did. And it was awesome. 

But the day finally came where we trekked to Randall’s Island, which was actually pretty nostalgic for us. In high school, we ran most of our outdoor Track & Field races there…so it was pretty cool to see that track again. But anyway…let’s get into this concert.

Friday was all about getting a feel of the festival. There were vendors everywhere and tons of people. First things first, getting a drink. Done. Then, we did some people watching. It was pretty cool seeing how many people from New York love country….and I obviously enjoyed seeing what everyone wore to show their country side.

Cutoffs, boots, hats, crochet tops….it was never ending. Thanks to DSW, I was hooked up with these amazing booties to stomp around in the (Georgia) mud (yes, stealing a Luke Bryan lyric). They were the perfect addition to my festival look!

At DSW, we believe in the power of shoes, and in the power of shoe lovers. With thousands of fresh styles for men, women and children, we’ve got something for everything, no matter who they are or how they dress. Shoes say a lot about you. Say something great.

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