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Inbox Zero is an accomplishment many people strive to reach.





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On any given day, I can receive 5-20 emails in my business Gmail inbox alone (I have a personal email and then of course my FP emails). Naturally, it starts to become a lot. If I’m being 100% honest, I’m not the best with my emails. And since I love a good excuse now and then, I blame it on lack of TIME. I’ve started to come up with a system in my head when it comes to responding to emails. While it’s not flawless, it’s been working pretty well for me. Now that I’m working with brands more often than not, I have to make sure my inbox is somewhat organized!

Here are some tips on how I combat my inbox to ensure I’m holding myself accountable and remaining professional when running my business.

If it’s a new brand you’ve never worked with…

I’d say a general rule is 48 hours.

Now that I’m signed with an agency, I typically look over emails and forward them right to my manager to discuss. I like to do some research on the brand, what they offer, if they’ve worked with influencers in the past, Then, he will take it from there and respond to the brand to see if he can negotiate any type of collaboration.

If it’s a brand you’ve worked with before…

This is a great sign! It means that the brand LOVED working with you!

In order to maintain great relationships with the brands I’ve worked with, I like to respond within 24 hours. Since these brands have also worked with my manager, they’ll even typically already have him on the email. Responding within 24 hours shows that you respect your relationship with the brand, and can lead to bigger collaborations with them.

If it’s a brand inviting you to an event…

Again, I think 48 hours is safe. If I’m on the first round of invites (honestly, if I’m on the C-list invite list, I usually decline), enough time to RSVP is given. I always like to double check my schedule and make sure it’s on a day where I can go. I also review with my manager to see if there’s potential to ask for compensation in exchange for attending.

If you’re in an active campaign/contract…

ONE BUSINESS DAY. Especially when you’re negotiating. It’s important to show the brand that you’re taking your collaboration seriously. I know sometimes brand/blogger communication can be frustrating, but it’s SO important.

Once I’ve posted my deliverables that day, I make sure I’m “on call”. I constantly check my business email in case the brand has a call out or update that needs to be made. In this case, I always try to respond within the HOUR of posting.

If it’s my manager…

As soon as I see it;) I’m in constant contact with my manger: Whether it’s bouncing ideas off him, asking him to pitch me, reviewing deliverables, seeing where we are for all current collaborations, etc. It’s always important that I’m on my “A” game when speaking with him because he’s working on my behalf!

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