Elle’s Edit: Why I Still Read Blogs

As a non-blogger, I still enjoy reading blogs for many reasons.

One may say that the blogging world is dead and others say it is just beginning. Why is that? Well, social media is taking off and in the world of “instagram influencers” people can succeed just on one platform. For individuals who started blogging when it all began, their readers found their Instagram through their blog however now it is the opposite. I have been an avid reader of blogs for many year (back when I had my own) and haven’t stopped reading them ever since. I wanted to highlight below my top reasons why I still read blogs even as an “outsider”.

To Get Inspiration

When I first started reading blogs, it was all about fashion and getting inspiration from others. My style honestly hasn’t evolved because I am still stuck in my “preppy-ish, J. Crew” phase. However, bloggers have opened my eyes to wearing black and trendier pieces. What is great about the blogging community is that everyone has something unique to offer. They have different styles and personalities. As we know, blogging isn’t just about fashion anymore. It can include multiple categories within the scope of “lifestyle”. I love reading blogs where I can relate to the writer and get something out of it. That’s where I hope Elle’s Edit comes into play. I want to be someone who writes about topics that I am passionate about and allow me to interact with Dana’s readers.

To Support My Friends

My “blogger” friends are some total bad asses. They work their booties off and I’m so proud of them. I obviously read their blogs daily and comment on them whenever I can. I want them to know that I am in awe of what they do and I want them to know they have my full support.

Find Something Positive To Read

In todays world, there are many negatives. With the conflicts in the world and what is going on in the media, it is nice to find something refreshing on the internet. I do like when bloggers tend to stay out of politics, but I do support when they write about what they are passionate about and an issue that truly bothers them. It is their platform and they can do whatever they want.

Part of My Routine

Like I mentioned before, I read blogs every single day. 99% of the time, I read them while watching The Today Show and before I head out the door around 7:45am. I am in such a routine and love reading them before I get to work because it is a way for me to decompress before a busy day in the office. I am such a creature of habit so I can’t find myself stopping that any time soon!

Why do you read blogs?

Thanks for reading Elle’s Edit. If you have any topics that you would like for me to discuss, feel free to email me at elizabeth.lane.dooley@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you! xo

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