Elle’s Edit: What Non-Bloggers Really Think of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Don’t fret, this isn’t going to be a post linking 100000+ items for you to shop. 

Let’s get real for a second. You are over the Nordstrom Anniversary sale content just as much as I am. It is just annoying and honestly feels forced. Everyone and their mother is writing a blog post on the must have items or creating a million instagram stories encouraging people to swipe up to shop. As a non-blogger and not an influencer, let me tell you, it is annoying. I know I’m different since I have friends in this space and I follow bloggers but I asked my friends how they feel about it and the content that is all over Instagram. As Allie mentioned, the coverage is too much and feels forced. I do have to say the ONLY person you should trust for genuine content is Jenn. She put in so much effort and made it actually fun and enjoyable.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sale but I don’t like when people tell me I NEED to buy something. Trust me, you don’t NEED that sweater, pair of boots, or new jacket. The sweaters/booties/jackets that you have from last season are just fine and will continue to be fine when the season rolls around. Watching influencers/bloggers share their must haves makes me feel like I need these items when in reality I do not. What frustrates me the most is that some of the pieces influencers/bloggers pick out don’t even match their own personal style so I know they are just sharing it to get the commission. I’m not stupid, it is how it works. And don’t even get me started on how people buy all these things for try on hauls telling us they can’t wait to wear these items and then RETURN the items. We barely see half of these items on their instagram/blog when the weather finally gets cooler enough to wear these things. It is just a shame!

I honestly dread this time of year when the Nordstrom Anniversary sale rolls around. I love Nordstrom, I truly do but the content is so much. Is the sale really the greatest thing in the entire world? No. Do I really need to buy fall/winter items during the middle of July when it is wicked hot outside? No. Do I have time to go through the hundreds and hundreds of pages to find something I want? No. All I ask is for bloggers/influencers to be more genuine and be aware of their viewers time and resources before they force all of this down our throats (harsh? nah).

What are your thoughts of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?

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