Elle’s Edit: What I Bought From Prime Day

If you are living under a rock, Prime Day was this past Tuesday and Wednesday and boy were the deals good. 

This is embarrassing to write but I was not a Prime member until this past Monday. Yes, you read that correctly. If I wanted something from Amazon I would just wait for the items to get here and it honestly would be 3 days later, no big deal. But I decided that I might as well see what Prime Day is all about and take advantage of the deals and pick up on some essentials that were not on deal. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the functionality of it as Amazon has always overwhelmed me in the past since they sell EVERYTHING.

Some items that I saw (but didn’t need) that everyone kept raving about were Dyson vacuums, AirPods, Air fryers, Tech items, and hair styling products. Whenever there tends to be sales, especially Cyber Monday, I go crazy. Y’all I literally shop til I drop. I absolutely don’t need anything but I feel the pressure to buy all the things because of the price. So stupid, well aware, but I know I’m not the only one. With that being said, I am pretty proud of myself that I didn’t go crazy on Prime Day.

Wireless karaoke microphone. I’m laughing admitting that I purchased this but I did. You’re supposed to waste your money on stupid things on Amazon and this was it for me. I saw this and texted my friend Kara and was like I think I need this. Before she even responded I bought it. Will I use it? To be determined but it sure will be fun when my friends and I do. Will let you known when I get signed by a major record label.

Stasher bags. If you know anything about me I have a deep love for stasher bags. Why? No idea but they are so easy to use and I like to think I am helping the environment by using them and not the normal plastic bags. I like putting in garlic or lemons in there and if I am going to work (those were the days) I would pack snacks in there. My go to are the sandwich bags but I also have the 1/2 gallon one that are great too.

Glass straws. I love glass straws and always use them when I am drinking my smoothie or iced coffee at home. I’ve purchased this brand before and they are great straws. They come with a cleaner wand thing which makes it really easy to clean.

Resistance bands. My building has recently been doing outdoor classes with just 3 people and they have a yoga sculpt next weekend and the lady told us to bring resistance bands. It is not the typical resistance band but its the one that is 6 feet long. Who knows what I will think of this or if I will use them after this class but time will tell!

Coffee travel mug. I saw this little guy and I thought he was so cute. It is 10oz and is perfect for at home but also on the go!

Moisturizer. I went to a new dermatologist lately and she told me about the CeraVe moisturizer for am and pm. This wasn’t on sale but I figured I might as well include it on the list because it feels so good on my face.

Sweater fuzz shaver. I’ve heard such great things about this product so I had to buy it when I saw that it was on sale. Nothing is worse than those little fuzz balls that are on your sweater. I used to just pluck them off my cashmere sweaters but I slowly learned that it was destroying my sweaters. I am excited for this to get here!

What did you buy this Prime Day?

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  1. 10.15.20

    I bought a stupid coffee thing that chills your iced coffee fast LOL. I can’t wait to come over for karaoke nights!!!!

  2. 10.20.20
    Morgan said:

    You made some awesome purchases! The stasher bags are the best! I didn’t purchase anything this year but enjoyed watching all the deals people were scoring!

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