Elle’s Edit: TV Shows I’m Currently Loving

I have no shame to admit this but I LOVE watching tv.

I have to say I’m different than most millennials when it comes to watching TV. Why? Well when I say I am watching TV I mean actual TV like cable. SHOCKER I KNOW…I a millennial and pay for cable. It is honestly one expense that I don’t mind paying for just because how much I use it. I’m making it sound like I watch TV 24/7 and I don’t have a job or life. Trust me, I have a job and a life (well for the most part). The only reason why I have cable is because I love starting my morning watching the Today Show as I am getting ready. My mom did the same thing as I grew up so it kind of just stuck with me and I have incorporated it into my morning routine. The other reason and probably the main reason why I have cable is because I love watching sports. I am a HUGE sports fan and the only way to really watch it (easily) is to have cable. Anyways, now that I basically just gave you my whole life story, lets get down to business. What are my favorite TV shows that I am currently loving?

The Bachelor Franchise. Yep, I’m one of those girls who watches ABC every single Monday for two hours watching strangers fall in love with one guy/girl. I have been hooked ever since freshman year of college when all my hall-mates would watch it together. I don’t know what it is about the show, maybe the drama, but I can’t stop watching. I have to say though I am not the biggest fan of Bachelor in Paradise and I can’t really put my finger to it and say why. I think it might be because there is a lot going on? So many different relationships to keep track of? Who knows, I still love the franchise regardless.

The Real Housewives. I was late to the Real Housewives series and only really started watching it a couple years ago. The best part about it though is that you can watch the series at any time and miss the past episode and even know what is currently going on. My favorites are  NYC, Beverly Hills, and OC. Not a fan of Dallas, Texas, or NJ if I am being honest.

Southern Charm. I love Southern Charm probably because I wish I was raised or live in the south. I have said that for YEARS yet I have not made the plunge to move down there (yet). I think the members of the show are funny and overall it is an easy show to watch. Cameron is by far my favorite and I have the biggest crush on Austen.

Love Paradise. I think this is a new show this year and I can’t remember how I started to watch it. I would like to preface that I watched the US version and not the UK version but I heard the UK version is just as good, maybe even better? Anyways, I was bored one day and saw it on TV and thought it was a very interesting concept. The weirdest part of the show was that it was on TV 4/5 times A WEEK. Every night at 8pm. SO WEIRD, right? It made the season go by really fast but it was annoying if I missed one episode and I couldn’t skip it because they introduce new cast members along the way and get rid of some too. I have to say that was the worst part of the show and by the end of the season I was ready for it to be over. Not sure if I will watch again if it comes back next year.

Big Little Lies. Since I mentioned earlier that I have cable that means I don’t have Netflix (well I kind of do, I share my friends login) and definitely not HBO. I just don’t think I need it since I watch live shows. However, when Big Little Lies rolls around I always create a new login so I get a free weeks trial and I can binge watch the show. I did that for season one and just finished season two. I loved every single second of it and NEED a season 3. I read the book before I watched the series that’s why I was so late to the game but boy it is that good. I don’t want to spoil anything but I personally thought season 2 was just as good as season 1 maybe even better because Meryl Streep is GOALS.

What are your favorite shows to watch?

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