Elle’s Edit: Things That You Never Knew You Needed From Amazon

Isn’t it crazy that you can buy absolutely anything imaginable on Amazon?

I have moments where I ask myself what we did before there was Amazon. Isn’t it crazy how dependent we have become on a place for all our necessities? I have something to admit- I don’t have Prime and to be honest I don’t see myself getting Prime any time soon. You can get free shipping on all items for the most part and I still get items within 5 days or less. If I feel like I absolutely need something I will go to the store to get it myself. I mean ask yourself, do you instantly need these things? The chances are probably not. But that isn’t why I am here today. I am here today to tell you the items that I have purchased that I never knew I needed but I feel like my life would be so different without them. Dramatic, I know but bare with me.

Stasher bags– I love my Stasher bags and have made me much more eco friendly. They are so sleek looking and honestly do their job. I pack snacks in here among store other food items throughout the week.

Rubbermaid Freshworks– these products are GAME changers. I have 2 different sizes. One is the larger size and I store all my lettuce in there and guys it keeps the lettuce fresh for well over a week. I do this with berries as well and I am so happy with how fresh they stay. It is magic.

Bubba Waterbottle– I keep this bottle at my desk and love how big it is but also the straw. I love drinking out of a straw especially if it is a bottle that I can keep at my desk. I have to say this bottle wouldn’t be the best to travel with as it has a straw but it is perfect to keep at my desk.

Avocado saver– again, another thing I wish I invented myself. I rarely eat an entire avocado (unless it is the tiny ones from Trader Joe’s) so I always use this to store mine in the fridge and it keeps it fresh for 1-2 days.

The Definished Dish cookbook– y’all I’m obsessed with this cookbook. I love to cook when I have time and have been using this cookbook and have made some pretty incredible meals! Can’t recommend this enough.

Egyptian Magic cream– this is very random but I purchased it last week and have been using it for a couple of days but it has saved me and my eczema. My skin has been so weird this winter especially within the last month. It started back in october where my eyelids were always dry and then in January they became SO red around my entire eye and would just burn. I then got really weird dots on my neck (almost looked like ring worm) and had no idea what was going on. Part of me thought it was winter but the other part of me really thinks it is stress related as I’ve been really stressed at work lately and I know the stress makes eczema worse. But anyways, Jessie James Decker posted about this stuff on her Instagram (her son has been dealing with it) and it is FINALLY helping me! Such a relief. Highly recommend if you are dealing with this too.

Paper Mate Gel Pens– I love these pens and have been using them for over a year at work! I love the colors, how they write, and just everything about them. I’m a big planner gal so these come in handy but also make note taking more fun when I bring them to meetings.

Glass straws– I hate paper straws with a PASSION. And now that most places don’t have plastic straws anymore, I bought these glass straws to use every day. If I make my coffee at home, I use these, if I buy coffee on my way to work I wait until I get to the office so I can use this straw.

What are some of your favorite items from Amazon?

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