Elle’s Edit: The Best Cookie Exchange Recipes

If you are anything like me, you LOVE Christmas cookies. 

Since it is the holiday season, cookie exchanges are all the rage. Work life has been pretty stressful so I decided to organize a cookie exchange with my team. According to google, there are a lot of rules with cookie exchanges but how I want this exchange to go down is that everyone can just try every cookie that is available. The only rule is that no one can buy cookies, they have the make them. My team is about 70% men so that is definitely going to be a challenge for them, let’s see if they actually follow the rules. This weekend I was browsing Pinterest (of course) and found some yummy recipes that I wanted to share in case you have your own cookie exchange, a holiday party, or even if you just want to bake them yourself!

M&M Christmas Cookie Bar (what I decided to make). I’m currently going through a Chocolate phase which is weird for me because I’m not the biggest chocolate fan. Judge me as much as you would like, I fully understand. I have always preferred blondies over brownies so to incorporate festive red and green M&M’s makes this recipe more fun!

image via FoodySchmoody recipe.

For all you Snickerdoodle lovers, this recipe is for you! Fun fact, I LOVE snickerdoodles. They are just so delicious especially this time of year. This recipe looks like it does not disappoint.

image via Lil Luna recipe. 

For anyone looking for a good adventure in the kitchen, this recipe has your name written all over it. Sea Salt Butterscotch Pretzel Cookies, do I need to say more? These look divine and I kind of want to make them when I am home in a couple of weeks. YUM.

image via Cookies and Cups recipe. 

Another fan favorite of mine, the good ole’ sugar cookie. Nothing beats a simple cookie. You can eat plain or you can decorate them with delicious frosting! You can use fun cookie cutters and just go all out. These are always on my radar to make every single Christmas.

image via Katrina’s Kitchen recipe. 

Now, the fan favorite, to me at least. The Gingerbread cookie. You can’t go wrong with making these cookies. Again, decorating them can be optional but it definitely makes it more fun (and cute). I had used this recipe before and they sure are tasty.

image via Sally’s Baking Addiction recipe. 

What are your favorite cookie recipes to make?

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