Elle’s Edit: Our New Year’s Resolutions

Welp, 2019 is here and it is time to write down your New Year’s resolutions.

If I am being honest with you, I have a love hate relationship with New Years. I love the feeling of a “fresh start” just like the first day of school feels but when it comes to resolutions, I think they can be kind of silly. I was talking to Dana a couple of weeks ago and for some reason I have a really good feeling about 2019. I know everyone says this but for some reason this truly feels different. 2018 was a year that I devoted to myself and internal growth and in 2019 I want to live a little. I have decided my motto for this year is going to be “unstoppable” meaning no one will hold me back from reaching my dreams.

On today’s Elle’s Edit I am bringing back my girl Dana so we can both share our New Year’s resolutions with y’all. As you will see, some are serious and some are not as serious. Have to make them fun, right ladies?

Elle’s Resolutions:

Enforce a 2 hour time limit on social media on my phone. Don’t panic. I think I can really do this. The best new feature of the iPhone is the screen time feature where it, as it says by its name, shows you how much time you spend looking at the screen. I love (and hate) how it tells you what apps you are spending the most time on. Without surprise, mine are always Instagram, Messages, and Twitter. It is absolutely disgusting how much time I spend scrolling through Instagram. It has to stop.

Reading more books always tops out my list each year. Last year I was SO good at the beginning of the year through the summer but then life gets busy. Dana just told me that I can rent books from the NYPL on my iPad. GAME. CHANGER. This will save me time by not going to the library to pick out new books! Maybe this will actually help me read more.

Okay, this is my not so serious one but something that I really want to do this year is like eggs. Yes, you read that correctly. I do not like eggs. I don’t like the smell, I don’t like the taste, and I don’t like the texture. They freak me out. Everyone judges me all the time on it so I’ve told myself this needs to end. I’m 26 years old, there is no reason why I shouldn’t like eggs. Wish me luck.

This one definitely was on my list last year and I was semi successful at it but homegirl needs to do a better job at cleaning out her closet more frequently and keeping it organized. After every season, I am going to go through my closet and donate things I haven’t worn and when I buy something new I have to donate one piece of clothing. Mark my words.

I wrote about this about of weeks ago but I am running my first half marathon in March! This has been on my bucket list for years and I am so excited and still so terrified. I want to finish under two and half hours and I know I can do it if I keep my mind to it.

Dana’s Resolutions:

In 2019, I want to put myself first more. I know that might seem selfish, but I want to put my health and my body first. In 2018, I got a glimpse of what actually eating right, exercising consistently, and taking care of your skin can do for yourself. I also need to learn that taking breaks is OK and totally necessary. Sure, I’ll take mini Instagram breaks, but that doesn’t mean I’m actually taking a break.

I know Elle also wrote this, but reading more is also on my list! I freakin’ LOVE to read. I always have (my mother can back me up on this). But when life gets busy, and you prioritize things such as scrolling through Instagram or watching reality TV, you just lose interest. I’m already committed to reading WAY more this year. Now that I have an iPad, it’s going to be easier for me to bring my book everywhere.

Whoever really knows me knows that this is going to be TOUGH, but I do want to limit my shopping in 2019. I spent a lot of money in 2018…and it’s not something I’m SUPER proud of. When I realize I could be saving more (and ya know, paying off my student loans), I really need to cut back on the shopping. LET’S HOPE I CAN DO IT (or at least cut back significantly).

Cliche…but….I want to travel more. Elle, Allie, and I are in the midst of planning one trip, I want to go on another Surf Yoga Beer adventure, and also plan a trip with Matt (we’re AWFUL at planning things). So maybe instead of shopping, I can save for these travels!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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