Elle’s Edit: Need Your Design Help

If you know anything about me, I love decorating a home and scrolling on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

I have been into home design and decorating for the longest long and I think it was because my family moved a lot growing up or my mom constantly wanted to redecorate and I would always go with her to the stores, help her work with the designers, and create a place called home. I remember when I moved to college I wanted to make my space feel more like home and brighten it up a bit. I would spend DAYS looking at catalogs and ways I can incorporate my style into the space. When I moved out of college and into my apartment in Minneapolis I was so excited to decorate my space for the first time. I was in such a time crunch and desperately needed furniture so I went with my parents to Pottery Barn, walked in the door, and said someone please help me. I basically ordered the entire Pottery Barn catalog and was set for the time being. When I moved back to the east coast and found an apartment in NYC, I knew I needed to bring that furniture with me because I only had it for about 2 years at that point and it was still great quality. The problem with NYC and Minneapolis is that NYC apartments are so much smaller and I had ‘bulkier’ pieces. I fortunately found a great apartment with a big living room and found a way to make all my furniture work.

Fast forward to now, I am moving again after being in my apartment for 4 years and need help! Even though I absolutely love to design and spend hours and days scrolling endlessly on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, I simply do not have the time. I’ve been working 70 hours a week (includes weekends) and need all the time away from my screen as I can get. For this space I am looking for a clean, calming, and minimalist look with modern elements. I like to consider my style as “traditional meets coastal casual” and “neutral base with pops of color (aka light blue)”. I am fortunately in no urgent rush as I plan to move my current furniture with me to the new space given the COVID situation and honestly just don’t want to feel rush when putting this together.

I am on the hunt for an interior designer to decorate my space and would love any recommendations you may have! I have been speaking to a bunch that are either located in NYC/tri state area or are in other parts of the country and offer e-design. I have to say the best part of Instagram is finding all the amazing designers out there and talking to them and finding the best fit. If I’m being honest it basically is Allie sending me people and I investigate further. I wish I could just hire her but I think she would not like that assignment. Anyways, I wanted share with you all some designers that have been recommended to me and others that I have found on my own.

Jla Designs– love their minimalist look and clean spaces. Living in NYC and in such a small space I think it is important to mix modern pieces with traditional pieces. When I say “modern” pieces, I mean not bulky furniture. I am by NO means someone who likes a fully modern apartment, that ain’t me!

Ariel Okin– I absolutely love Ariel’s eye and her aesthetic is EXACTLY what I am looking for! I reached out to her last night and I am checking my email every second to see if her team has reached out to me yet.

Get Decorated– this designer is based in NYC and that is important because they understand the limited space and make an apartment feel like home.

Shannon Claire– if you follow Allie, you know that she adores Shannon and so do I. She did an amazing job on Allie’s apartment and her room at her parents. Shannon has an incredible eye and paired pieces that matched Allie’s style perfectly.

Kardina Interior Design– she has such a classic, timeless, and eye for design. I love the different spaces that she has created!

Studio McGee– not sure how I am just seeing this account! I absolutely love the style and what they offer. Everything is very neutral but has the pop of color that I am looking for. They source many of their pieces from their store which is a great way for them to share their brand and expand it.

Hilary Matt Interiors– such simplistic and timeless design. Hilary has designed Arielle’s space in the city and has done such great work throughout the city.

Do you know of any interior designers? They don’t have to be NYC based since so many are offering e-design!

Thanks for reading Elle’s Edit. If you have any topics that you would like for me to discuss, feel free to email me at elizabeth.lane.dooley@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you! xo

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