Elle’s Edit: Let’s Get Organized

Every year in January, I always get the sudden itch to organize my space.

Some people call it spring cleaning, I call it let’s get our sh*t together in the New Year. After the holidays I always get into a mood where I need to get rid of everything and start new. I have always been like this and I blame my mother for making me like this. I however know that I am not alone in this and for that reason I wanted to put together my favorite items that I’ve purchased recently to get organized and de-clutter my space. Even if you aren’t the decluttering type, I hope this post can inspire you!


I always like to start in the kitchen area because there is just stuff EVERYWHERE. You know that one drawer where you just throw everything in? I’m pretty certain that drawer is in your kitchen. I have to clean this out almost once a month because so much crap piles up and for the most part I don’t need any of it. I found these great organizers on Amazon and they have been a lifesaver in drawers like these along with the other drawers to help me organize my utensils. Another place in the kitchen is under your sink! I purchased these larger plastic bins to keep everything put together and have a place. I recently have been on a fridge cleaning binge where I have these can organizers, cute containers where I put my berries, and then my lovely stasher bags to store all my used vegetables instead of those hideous green plastic bags. If you are lucky to have a pantry or a cabinet dedicated to storing food, this place is also key in keeping organized. I use these bins to put condiments, beans, snacks, etc. Then I have these lovely containers that I put in sugar, flour, chia seeds, baking powder and it just looks much more aesthetically pleasing when you open up that cabinet door.

laundry space

I am very fortunate to say that I have in-unit laundry in my apartment but many of you lucky people have a laundry room. Given that I have such a small space, it is key that I keep everything organized. I have one giant bin that I put on top of my dryer where I store all my detergent, swifter wipe things, dryer sheets, and lint roller. It is kind of just thrown there but hey what are you supposed to do in nyc?

hallway closet

The hallways closet always has a TON of stuff doesn’t it? My biggest piece of advice is getting a shoe rack to keep all of your shoes organized. Since my closet is so small I have to switch out my shoes each season to make it less overwhelming in the hallway closet. Another big thing of mine is having a shelf at the top and neatly organizing my scarves, hats, and gloves. You would be surprised by how much room these items take up so why not put it in a space that you don’t have to look at them all the time?


Oh goodness, under the bathroom sink. It is always a mess isn’t it?! Well it doesn’t have to be. When I first moved into my apartment this was my goal to myself because in my last space it was always a disaster. Having separate bins for different functions is key. I have one for hair tools, one for excess makeup, and another for excess shampoo/body wash/makeup wipes etc. It keeps it looking nice and much easier to find a product to determine if you have another.

Do you go through “spring cleaning” in the New Year?

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  1. 1.28.21
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Girl I am so into sorting out my life right now… this is perfect!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com