Elle’s Edit: How To Get Back into the Swing of Things

Since we are past Labor Day, and the “back to school feeling” is in full force,  how do you reset?

Usually after Labor Day it feels like a natural fresh start in getting your life back together from a busy summer but this year is different but feels the same? It is weird. I think the hardest part about it all is that we would look forward to Labor Day and tell ourselves this is when it would all be better and COVID would be a thing of the past. Well…. after Labor Day… we can confirm it is not a thing of the past as it is in full force. Despite the fall looking drastically different than what we are used to, I am still using it as an opportunity to reset and go into this new season with my glass half full.

Redecorate your office setup. Is WFH getting old to you? I’m over it and have been over it for quite some time. As much as I can complain about it, there is nothing that is going to change until we get the green light to go back into the office. What I am going to do is change the setup of my “desk” aka dining table and try to make it feel different than it has been. Maybe I can change the direction of where I am sitting to make it feel different, even though that will make me face a white wall, but you get the point haha. But changing it up might make it feel different and a different “phase” of working from home.

Try to get a little more dressed. Remember when we were younger and it was the absolute worst to go from wearing bathing suits all the time to school clothes? Woof it was quite the process. I feel like we’ve kind of been in that bathing suit phase of working from home since March and it is time to put in a little more effort. I have to say I try to put in a little effort by wearing actual shorts lately instead of workout shorts but I know I can do a little better. It makes me feel more awake and put together and maybe that is just what I need. Also all my unworn clothes are crying every day when I open my closet, look around, but still go for the same casual drawer. And don’t even get my started on my shoes. They probably think I’m gone haha.

Start getting up a little earlier. Has anyone noticed that the days are getting shorter? Makes me so sad and it makes it harder to get up in the morning because it is just pure darkness. Again, it is similar to going back to school when you were a kid. It takes a while to get used to it but in the long run it does a difference. What I’ve been trying to do is waking up a bit earlier and going for a little walk before I logon in the morning. It is getting harder because I work so early and I can’t go outside when it is dark but it really lets me have a fresh start to the day and get in some fresh air before I stare at my computer the next 40 hours.

How do you reset and get back to your routine?  

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