Elle’s Edit: How to be a Tourist in Your Own City

Since we are easing back into traveling, why not just do it where you live?

I love exploring, always have and always will. I’ve fortunately lived in some great spots where it allowed me to travel to a new place either by car or by foot. Living in NYC and especially during all of this has made me fall in love with the city even more. Despite it not being the same, it still is the same city we hold dear to our hearts. Even though I miss all the hussle and bussle of the normal city I am appreciative of the quiet streets because it makes it a bit more enjoyable to explore.

The best way to explore is to simply put on you comfortable shoes and just get outside. Walk down a different street than you usually walk down and get lost! Since I moved to a new neighborhood I am doing just that. No joke, I got lost and it turned out just fine! I found some adorable streets with the cutest shops and restaurant that I know I will go to often. You can’t find these things when just looking at a map, you have to get out there.

One thing that I am planning either for the end of the month or next is renting a car (still debating on what company but Dana said Zipcar is great) and taking it up to Connecticut (where I grew up) to just have a “me” day and see familiar surroundings and just do a drive by to see some of my friends. Despite living in the city for 4 years now, this is one thing that I still haven’t done and I am excited to do it soon.

Whenever I want to find a new restaurant or a new coffee shop I always ask friends of their favorite local spots. Given that these places are often local to their neighborhood that takes me to exploring a new part of town that I don’t frequent often. Given the less crowded streets I feel fine with walking there or even if it is a little further, I can rent a citi bike and see the city in a different way.

Doing these solo trips or having a friend tag along with you is so good for the soul. It gives you a sense of adventure without leaving your “backyard”. I encourage you all to take advantage of the weather and the time that you have at home to do little activities like this. It doesn’t seem that crazy, because it isn’t, but you will feel like you got away.

How are you exploring your city/town?

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  1. 8.13.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Yesss I love this! I just moved to a new city and of course being a tourist here is much easier that way haha.

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  2. 8.13.20

    YESSSSSSSSS I love getting “lost” around the city. There’s so many amazing streets. I always make it a point to walk down different streets just to see what’s happening! Now with all of the outdoor seating, it’s fun to explore more and see more people out and about.