Elle’s Edit: Fall Bucket List During Covid

And just like that, we are approaching another season!

It is so weird to say that we are approaching Fall and yet another season is in the books. Spring was a total wash, summer felt a bit more normal, and here we are back to putting on sweaters which makes me feel like we just did that already in March. Despite Covid still being a thing and in full force, I am going to try to make the most out of my fall and obviously do it in a safe way.

Go on a road trip. We (Dana, Allie, and I) have something fun planned for next month and we are making it a Thursday – Sunday trip which I am so excited for. It will be nice to take off a couple of days from work, explore a place with your besties, and just have a great time together. Getting out of the city will feel great for a little bit and unplugging from life.

Eat outside as long as possible. As you may have heard, they are going to open up indoor dining at 25% capacity at the end of the month which is oh so exciting! I am a big big fan of outdoor dining and honestly want to do it as long as possible. I’m sure places will be rolling out those heaters and make it a cozy outdoor vibe and I couldn’t be more excited. Nothing is better than layering up and enjoying the crisp fresh air surrounded by the people that you love.

Walk, walk, and more walking. With the fresh air and for the most part sunny days that are ahead during the fall it honestly just makes me want to walk all the time. The best part is that since it is cool you don’t really sweat (I hate sweating) so these walks are actually more enjoyable.

Get dressed every day for work. Fall fashion is my absolute favorite and even though I still work from home I want to make sure I wear all the pieces that I love. Will I be wearing booties while WFH..probably not but you bet I will be wearing cozy sweaters, comfy dresses, etc to make it feel a little more normal.

Volunteer. I usually try to volunteer in the city once a quarter and I want to find something new this year. I know there are places that you can help outside which would be ideal with COVID however food banks definitely still do need our help.

Get educated before the election. This should be an easy one but with the debates picking up soon now is the most important time to get involved and educate yourself on the issues on both parties. Can you believe the election is only less than 50 days away? It will be here before you know it so make sure you are doing all that you can and make your vote count.

What do you have planned this fall?  

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