Elle’s Edit: A Letter to the Heroes

Let us take a moment and thank those who risk their lives every single day for our safety. 

Through tragedy there are always stories of hope that lift us up during hardships. As hard as it is to watch, we need to watch the stories of the individuals who don’t have the luxury of working from home to protect us. They are the heroes. They don’t get paid as much as they should yet they still go into work every single day for us. We stay home for their safety as they are performing miracles on the sick. We need to help them like they help us. Let us share the stories so the world can know how we feel about these heroes.

Dear Nurses and Doctors, Words can’t explain how grateful I am for you. You are the ones that wear the capes and make us feel better. We are so grateful for earthing you do. For sacrificing your life to come into work. We don’t do enough to thank you. Right now you are struggling getting enough equipment. I wish I could help you on that but I can’t. What I can do though is share the need. I continue to post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook in hopes just someone sees and decides to help. We are here for you like you are here for us. The long hours are long and I know that. You deserve the world during this and after this. Thank you for all that you do.

Dear Grocery Store Workers, thank you. Thank you for coming in every day to restock the shelves. Everyone needs food so thank you. I want to apologize for all the individuals who hoard food because I know that make your job more difficult. I apologize for the individuals who get angry waiting in line outside to get into the store and for the ones that complain in the check out line. Their little aggravations are nothing that you have to deal with every day. You all are also our heroes. You help put food on our tables to stay healthy during all of this. You also give us a safe place to go to get out of the house for necessities. Thank you.

Dear Police Officers, Fire Fighters, EMT workers, all of you. Thank you. You know my love runs deep for the first responders. Always has and always will. You have no idea the sacrifices they make for us each and every day. During 9/11 they risked their lives for us and they have done that every day since. They go to work when they are sick. Why? Well, crime unfortunately just doesn’t stop. Even though the streets seem to be empty, they are still safe thanks to all of you. When you see a first responder please take a moment and say thank you. I am proud to say that I do this every day. It is important to me and I want them to know how much they are loved. Thank you.

Dear Teachers, you are incredible. The way you transition from being in school to completely online is remarkable. You are already going through a transition of working from home on your own but now you need to teach 25+ students at a time. I owe everything to my teachers. Teachers make the world go around and make us the people we are today. You don’t get paid enough for all that you do and you still continue to educate America. Keep your chin up, the next couple of weeks will not be easy but we will help you get through this. Thank you.

Dear Take Out and Delivery workers. Wow. I can’t think of anything else to say besides wow. You continue to work every single day to make sure we get our delivered groceries, meals, packages, you name it. You continue to do what you do every day so we get what we “need”. America please think about this when you order take out. Please tip more. They get paid so little but are risking their lives to deliver to your home. I am ever so grateful for all that you do. Thank you.

Dear small business owners. It feels like the pain never ends for you all. I feel you. Starting and most importantly maintaining a small business is extremely hard. You are all passionate and very intelligent people that wanted to turn a dream into reality. You put blood, sweat, and tears into getting your business to where it is today and all of a sudden it came to a sudden halt. You had to make the difficult decision of letting go your workers, which to a small business is the worst thing you can possibly do. Small business owners know their entire workforce and their families and making those difficult decisions is imaginable. Unfortunately it has been a reality to so many. Know that once this is all over, your businesses will have a boom. We miss your coffee, we miss your smiles, and we miss your stories. We are here for you and will help you come back together. Thank you.

And to you at home and everyone else. We will get through this together. Be the strong, loving, and caring country that I call home. “Staying positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days, you know that there are better ones coming.” Thank you.

Who is your hero(s) during all of this?

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