West Village Summer

Yesterday was all about the good shoes that take you good places.  

Today, it’s all about the dress. If I had to classify this dress, it would definitely fall under “the perfect West Village date night” dress. I mean just look at it.

Usually, my idea of a date night look is a flirty top with my favorite denim paired with a great pair of shoes. But this dress just fits the bill for a great date night at a place that’s not your favorite dive bar. It’s the prettiest color pink, the perfect length, and leaves room for a decent amount of food and beverages 😉 Plus, the bow back detail is pretty cute too – so you can wear your hair up or down and it would look great no matter what!

The West Village is one of my favorite locations in the city for so many things: to shoot looks, to sip on a shake (Big Gay Ice Cream), to grab brunch (Sotto 13 or Buvette), or after-work drinks (The Happiest Hour). Every street has it’s own special qualities without sacrificing the West Village vibe…it’s truly one of the cutest placesin the city with so much to do!

Now that my birthday is in 6 days (eeeep!), I’m figuring out where I want to go for dinner…and I’m pretty sure it needs to be in the West Village. Two places I have in mind are Alta and Rosemary’s. I’ve been to Alta before and it’s seriously SO delicious, but I think I should expand my horizons , no? Which menu do you think looks yummier? Or if you’ve been to any good spots lately, give me some recs below!

DRESS on sale here



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