How I Maintain A Schedule (+ A Free Editorial Calendar Template)

Being organized is something that is always a priority for me. When I’m not organized, I feel stressed. There’s one thing that I swear by when it comes to staying organized for my blog.

Why You Need An Editorial Calendar To Run A Successful Blog by popular New York style blogger The Champagne Edit

I’ve had my blog for almost six years, and I didn’t start using an editorial calendar until about a year ago. Let me tell you: If you don’t have an editorial calendar, then you’re DOING IT WRONG. I’ve mentioned this before, but my SEO Strategist actually sent over the best and easiest template for me to use. I’ve since tweaked it to match my other needs (if it is a sponsored post, big ideas of the post — in case I forget, etc.)

I can’t stress this enough: An editorial calendar is a MUST if you want to run a successful blog. Oh, and if you don’t want to lose your mind/overwhelm yourself. My editorial calendar is THE best way to keep myself on a schedule when it comes to The Champagne Edit!

Why use an editorial calendar?

It’s a pretty simple concept. I was so happy I started using one because it made me realize just how inconsistent I was being when it came to my blog. So the first benefit of having an editorial calendar is to help to stay consistent with your content. The second benefit is that it helps you visualize your content. For a while, I was just writing posts and leaving them in my WordPress purgatory. I wasn’t able to really look at what I was putting out week after week. Having an editorial calendar allows me to see what I’m planning for the week, month, etc. I can see if I have too many sponsored posts coming up. Or if I need to add another long form post to the mix. OR if I need to go back to my roots and post a good-ol-fashion outfit post.

Should you update it every day?

Ideally, ya. I look at my editorial calendar at least 6 times a day. AT LEAST. Even if I don’t need to update it. I just like to look at it. I’m constantly switching things up, and seeing what I’m publishing, what I have published, and so on. It’s really great to be able to see if I have too many sponsored posts coming up. Elle and I met on Saturday to do some work, and we planned out my sponsored posts. We took a look at deadlines, what spots I had open on my calendar, and went from there!

This little tool has made such an impact on how I schedule out my content, and really keeps me on track for posting. I wanted to share this template with you today so that you can use it to schedule out your own content! It’s always top of mind to do something that inspires those who read my blog. So I really hope this helps, and as always, if you have any questions – please let me know!

Click here to download your own Editorial Calendar template. To save as your own:

  • Click “File”
  • Click “Make a Copy…”
  • Change the file name to whatever you want and voila!

You can also download as an Excel sheet, if you’re not sold on Google Sheets. I personally love it! I keep everything super organized in my Drive, and can easily share documents, contracts, and ideas with Elle. We even use it at Perry Ellis…so it’s corporate approved;)

And there you have it! A simple tool that seriously has CHANGED the way I’ve approached blogging. If you’re interested in templates like this, I’d be happy to share some others that I have! Would love to hear more feedback!

**click here to get your free editorial calendar template**

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  1. 2.27.18
    Elle said:

    Love the template to keep everything organized!

  2. 2.27.18

    I LOVE my editorial calendar too! Such a lifesaver. I am crushing on the set up and simplicity of yours though, you might have me switching up my format!

    xo Laura Leigh

  3. 2.27.18

    Love this!! Thanks for sharing. I have started writing down post ideas in a paper calendar approximately 10 times now and only lasted a few days each time. Hopefully your electronic version will help it stick! 🙂

  4. 2.27.18
    Allie said:

    I had never thought of how an editorial calendar could be a forest view of my blog (instead of just the daily trees). I’m going to start one right away. Thank you! xAllie

  5. 2.28.18

    I’m using an calendar but yours is so much more detailed than mine! My little organized-loving heart is OBSESSED! Need to add some more details based on your template .. thanks so much for sharing girlfriend!

    How 2 Wear It []

  6. 2.28.18

    This is something I seriously need in my life and I’ve never gotten my act together enough to stick to any template I create, so definitely going to try this out!

    xx Caroline

  7. 2.28.18
    Katie said:

    This is amazing!! I’ve heard of editorial calendars, but I’ve never actually seen or used one! I would love more posts like this. Bloggers helping bloggers…it’s a beautiful thing!