The Monochromatic Look & How To Wear It

When I stepped out in this fairly simple monochromatic outfit, Allie immediately said, “Okay, Blair Eadie.”

How To Create A Monochromatic Outfit How To Create A Monochromatic Outfit How To Create A Monochromatic Outfit How To Create A Monochromatic Outfit How To Create A Monochromatic Outfit How To Create A Monochromatic Outfit How To Create A Monochromatic OutfitTHE LOOK | cashmere sweater (similar), camel pants (similar here and here), slingback shoes, handbag, celine sunglasses

Whether or not she meant that as a compliment or not, we’ll never know;) The monochromatic outfit is very new for me, so I wanted to share my thought process on creating this kind of look!

Start with a color scheme to begin styling your monochromatic outfit.

This is a no brainer, right?

I’ve been itching to add more camel color pieces to my wardrobe for a while now. These pants were (again) from my lunchtime shopping trip a few weeks back. I wasn’t even looking for pants, but as I walked by them I realized I don’t own too many pants. The fabric was also drapey and cropped, which was something I really loved about them!

To be honest, I was struggling to find something to wear with these pants. Not because they were hard to style, but because I didn’t want to create a look that was too typical for me. If you followed me last year when I went to Chicago, I wore a pair of tan pants with a stripe tank. As easy and great as this outfit is, I didn’t want to do that again with these pants.

Add a texture.

I was rummaging through my closet and drawers and pulled out my favorite cashmere sweater (similar option here). I think adding the element of texture to your monochromatic outfit is really important. If you’re not adding texture, then your monochromatic outfit might look dull. My cashmere sweater is lofty, and has a rib stitch to give it the texture a monochromatic outfit needs.

Don’t be afraid of different shades.

This is an important point. I think I was so nervous to try a monochromatic outfit because I didn’t have multiple items in the exact same color. You can clearly see that my entire outfit doesn’t match perfectly. And that’s okay. I, personally, think that’s how monochromatic outfits should be. I think it starts with being confident. Just because something doesn’t “match” or it may not be something you typically wear, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look good. Or that you shouldn’t try it.

Add accessories that compliment your monochromatic outfit.

When I moved past the whole, “OMG, can I actually wear this monochromatic outfit in public?”, I knew I needed to accessorize. My slingbacks were actually the perfect addition to this look because they added another element with the addition of black. This made me feel a bit better about my look. I could have put on my new block heels, but I thought the tan and black shoe was a good choice. Then, it was an easy choice to wear my favorite every day handbag!

Overall, I think monochromatic outfits are simple and clean. They’re definitely something I want to explore more – I’m thinking navy next;)

PS: Allie and I are heading to London tonight and we are SO excited. Be sure to follow along (I think I’ll be on Instagram Stories more often than not)! And for those who have sent in recommendations, THANK YOU!


photos by allie provost

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  1. 2.22.17
    The Adored Life said:

    YESSS!!!!!!!!! I love this so freaking much! I have never really been able to pull off a monochrome outfit BUTTTTT your tips are so on point so I am going to try it!
    The Adored Life

  2. 2.22.17

    it is always a compliment!!! haha still love this look on you! and omg London.


  3. 2.22.17

    You pull it off so well my friend!! And that bag is gorgeous!!

    Brittany 🙂

  4. 2.22.17
    Elizabeth Oliveto said:

    You’ve worn this outfit like a champ! Such a great look!

  5. 2.23.17

    I am legit obsessed with this look! Like BEYOND! So chic!

    xo Laura Leigh