getting holiday ready with dove

For a girl that is always on-the-go.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

I consider myself to be a pretty social gal. I love hanging out with my friends, trying new places, and occasionally staying out way past my bedtime.

Now that the holiday parties are in FULL swing, I need to be able to get ready in a flash. You all know Rent the Runway is one of my favorite one-stop-shop for all of my holiday looks. Sure, the finished product (a.k.a me) may look all put together, but you should see me beforehand!

When I’m getting ready, especially for a holiday party, there are a few things that must always happen.

TURN UP THE TUNES | Yep, that’s right. Dance party begins…NOW. Christmas music usually does the trick.

POUR YOURSELF A GLASS OF CHAMPS | I cannot get enough champagne (um, hello, have you seen my blog name?). I love having a glass while I’m getting ready to officially start the night!

LAY YOUR LOOK OUT | I always lay my look out (or hang it up) to make sure I have all components I need!

FACE, EYES, LIPS | I’m not a big beauty girl, but I never leave the house without my moisturizer, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick. For the holidays, I usually go with a red lip!

FINISHING TOUCHES | I usually do my hair before I put on my make up, so after I finish that, I always run my fingers through my hair, add some frizz-eliminating oil, texture spray, and then head back into my room to get dressed!

But wait….there’s a few more things left to do!


Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine: I actually am SO grossed out by deodorant. I mean, OF COURSE I WEAR IT EVERY DAY (!), but I cannot stand the feeling of putting it on. I’m super picky about which deodorant I use (CANNOT BE A GEL OR ANYTHING). When I was introduced to the new Dove Dry Spray AntiperspirantI was immediately intrigued to try it – considering my history with deodorants. And let me just tell you….I LOVE IT!

I’ve been using it for about two weeks now, and it’s become the perfect finishing touch before heading out! Thanks to Dove Dry Spray AntiperspirantI now leave the house feeling fresh and confident – it goes on instantly dry and provides a full 48 hours of odor and wetness protection (in addition to taking care of your skin)! I’m SO happy Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant can keep up with my on-the-go lifestyle this holiday season: All I have to do is #ShakeSprayGo!

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  1. 12.19.16
    Brittany Garcia said:

    Love these especially #2!! That’s pretty important for the holidays lol 🙂

    Brittany 😉

    • 12.19.16
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Always a necessity 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Brittany!

  2. 12.19.16
    The Adored Life said:

    #2 is darn vital to having a good routine 😉 Just kidding, but really though, you have some great tips!

    The Adored Life

    • 12.19.16
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Glad you agree with me 😉 Thanks for stopping by! Xx

  3. 12.19.16

    I’ve always been iffy with spray deodorant, I mean, how accurate can it be? But I think you just sold me! Going to have to try some of this stuff!

    xo, Lauren

    • 12.19.16
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Totally agree with you! Plus, I always thought they would feel gross and sticky – but not this one! I’ve actually been using a regular Dove stick for years and now I’m officially converted! I don’t feel this spray at all (but I smell prettttay dang good)!

  4. 12.21.16

    That’s my absolute favorite deodorant too! It helps to avoid the residue on your clothes!