Diamonds Are (Not) A Girl’s Best Friend

We all know the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. But I’m here to tell you that the phrase is a complete cliche. Don’t believe me?

Well, why the heck not? Wouldn’t you much rather wear new clothes? Or go on a trip somewhere? I know I would….and I do.

I know I’ve been given a few diamonds that literally just sit around in my room. I’ve never thought about selling them, because I figured they’d be worthless and just a hassle to sell – plus, I know nothing about diamonds.

And this is where Diamond Lighthouse comes in. Located in New York City and staffed with diamond experts, Diamond Lighthouse provides a convenient way to sell your diamonds. They don’t buy your diamonds (a.k.a lowball you), they help you sell them.

And get this: You could actually ship your diamonds directly to them. And it’s completely safe too (read here). PS: Once they receive your package, they video record the process to ensure nothing was tampered with during shipment — how cool is that?! That’s the first thing that seriously drew me into learning more about the company.

What’s in it for me (or you)?

UMMMMMMM HELLO CLOTHING BUDGET. Or rent…like a responsible adult. Or a bottle of champagne. Yes, let’s choose the first and last choices – so start collecting all of the diamonds you haven’t put on in a few months and let’s get going!

If you don’t believe me – check out the website here and do some research….then get back to me;) (I think I might win on this one, guys.)

This post was sponsored by Diamond Lighthouse via Act Bold. As always, all opinions are my own and I will continue you to thank you for supporting companies that make Pink Champagne Problems happen!

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