The Denim Guide

Real talk: I own about 17 pairs of denim. And there’s signs of growth.

Denim With Flats and A Sweater Casual Look Denim With Flats and A Sweater Casual Look Denim With Flats and A Sweater Casual Look Denim With Flats and A Sweater Casual Look Denim With Flats and A Sweater Casual Look Denim With Flats and A Sweater Casual Look Denim With Flats and A Sweater Casual Look

THE LOOK | zara sweater (similar here and here), raw hem denim, brown belt, beige bag, chanel flats (identical), lip color – dragon girl, celine sunglasses, custom necklace

I definitely consider myself a denim lover. I own everything from $10 jeans to designer denim and love them all equally. There are so many things I love about denim and look for in denim. I love denim with sweaters (duh). I love denim with heels. I love denim with tucked in oxfords. I love denim with flats. You get the picture. I love denim!

I wanted to create a little “guide” for those who are looking for a certain type of denim but aren’t sure where to start!

M Y   F A V O R I T E   F I T S

The Skinny Jean

If I had to choose a pair of jeans to live in forever, it would be a skinny jean. This is probably the cut I own the most of. For whatever reason, I find these the most comfortable and most versatile of the denim fits. I love that you can wear skinny denim with flats, heels, booties, and really anything. My favorite jeans are between this Gap pair and this 7 For All Mankind pair. They’re both nearly identical and I’ve had both pairs for years (seriously since my junior year of college). I highly recommend them both! I also can’t discredit my Rag & Bone high waisted jeans. They’re SO comfortable and the high waist gives me a little bit of length.

The Boyfriend Jean

My first pair of boyfriend jeans were from American Eagle. I was a senior in high school and I thought I was SO cool. And then throughout the years, I’ve accumulated a few more pairs. My favorite, by far, is this pair. They’re so comfortable, so effortless and I wear them with everything from sneakers to heels.

The Destroyed (Skinny) Jean

There’s something so effortlessly cool about a pair of destroyed denim. I realized that most of my favorite boyfriend jeans are also destroyed, but I still think destroyed denim in other cuts deserves its own praise. When I bought this pair, I knew I was going to love them so much. I love how a pair of ripped jeans just gives off this “I really don’t care what I look like” vibe, even though you clearly do. Or like “I just rolled out of bed and threw this look together.” Even though you didn’t. I love wearing this kind of denim with an oversized t-shirt.

The Straight Leg

This might be my least worn of the bunch, but still love em. My most recent denim purchase was a more fun pair of denim. This raw hem pair is definitely on trend, but something I’ll wear for a while. I like that these are a bit more of a relaxed fit, and the raw hem looks fun with a pair of ballet flats. This pair (technically destroyed too) is also a great option if you are looking for a pair of designer denim.

For this particular look, I wanted to be super casual. I paired my new denim with a tie sleeve sweater (because I’m into those these days). I love wearing denim with flats when I have a million and one things to do. My Chanel flats have been my go-to shoe for everything. I know they’re a bit of a splurge, but they’re probably the most comfortable flat I’ve ever owned and obviously just a classic. If you’re not looking to make an investment right now, I found a great pair of dupes!


 photos by allie provost

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  1. 2.8.17

    I’m right there with ya! My jeans no longer fit in my closet

  2. 2.8.17

    I’m right there with ya… my jeans no longer fit in my closet, but I’m not stopping. Also, dying over the the price of those jeans!

    xx Caroline

    • 2.8.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Right?! My denim shelf is about to collapse! Also, these jeans are SOOOOO comfy!

  3. 2.8.17

    I’m such a denim lover! You can never have enough pairs… I love trying out new styles and love your picks!

    Brittany 🙂

    • 2.8.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      I agree! Always good to have a few (lot) pairs in rotation 😉

  4. 2.8.17
    Rachel said:

    17 pairs!! I love it, lady! Denim is my go-to especially during the colder month. Love all your picks!

    Rachel /

    • 2.8.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Crazy, right? 😉 I agree, I love a good pair of denim in the winter, they’re cozy and help keep you warm!

  5. 2.8.17
    Kristin Kohler said:

    I am also a huge denim lover! I haven’t counted lately but I probably have somewhere around the same amount…my jeans shelf is overflowing! Haha but I seriously can’t resist picking more up to try on when shopping. You never know when the next pair is going to be ‘the one!’

    • 2.8.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Mine too! I feel like I have lots of “the one”s 😉

  6. 2.8.17
    Kristina said:

    I’m in love with these bell sleeves! My favorite denims are from Topshop and Zara – they fit the best!

    • 2.8.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Thank you, Kristina! I have a great pair of jeans from Zara! I also have a cool grey pair from Topshop!

  7. 2.8.17
    Chloe said:

    LOVE your sweater! The bell sleeves are so fun, love they had the little bow straps on them too!

    xo, Chloe //

    • 2.8.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Thanks, Chloe! It’s really cozy too!

  8. 2.8.17

    So loving the sleeves on that sweater. Cute outfit and post gal!

    Xx Taylor

    • 2.9.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Aww thank you so much my friend!

  9. 2.8.17
    maria beneventano said:

    This was a great post! When it comes to denim, there are really so many options out there, that it some times becomes difficult to choose a pair! You seem to have some great denim options!

    • 2.9.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Aww thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I agree, there’s a lot of denim out there…I think it comes down to knowing what styles, fits and brands you like and kind of go from there!

  10. 2.9.17
    Mes Voyages à Paris said:

    Very casual and chic outfit! So Wonderful dear! xx


    Mónica Sors



    • 2.9.17
      Dana Mannarino said:

      Aww thank you so much!