Cozy Pieces That’ll Get You Through The Winter

Now that the gift-buying period is over (at least, I hope it is), it’s time to give some love to YOURSELF.

Of course, it’s SO nice to give people gifts during the holidays, but once the end of December rolls around and we go into January, it’s time for all the self love and self care in the world. Whether it’s in the form of staying in and giving yourself all the love or gifting yourself something…self love is very important.

For those who go the “let me gift myself something” route, I wanted to share the ultimate pieces to gift yourself during one of the coldest months. I’ve definitely been leaning towards comfier pieces (I consider looser jeans part of this…am I crazy?). Since I’m pretty much indefinitely working from home, comfort is key. Let’s be honest, even when I was going into the office, I was dressing for comfort.

Working for a brand that is built upon comfort and ease has taught me that you don’t HAVE to wear sweats every day. (Although, I will say if you don’t own our SignatureSoft sweats…you’re missing out). And I don’t mean to brag, BUT I DID get voted as “Best Dressed on Virtual Meetings” during our Merchandising holiday party…LOL. So I mean, I guess I’m doing SOMETHING right.

During the first few months of quarantine, I found it REALLY hard to wake up and get dressed every morning. I think I thought of it as freedom and free time since I’ve been go into an office for almost 7 years. But in the summer, I started getting really sick of being a slob all the time. I started waking up in the mornings, putting on clothes that made me feel good, yet could still be comfy cozy in.

I wanted to round up some of my FAVORITE things to wear right now that are keeping me warm and/or comfortable…yet stylish during the winter.


Sweaters are the real heroes, obviously.  I’ve always had an affinity for sweaters. I basically want anything mushy, comfy, cozy and can be worn so many different ways in my closet. There’s really four places I’m shopping for sweaters right now: Everlane, H&M, LOFT/Lou & Grey, and Abercrombie. I gravitate towards neutrals 99.8% of the time, and I’m OK with that. These retailers honestly have been KILLING the sweater game (obviously, I’m quite biased with L&G, but we really do have great sweaters).

mom jeans

I didn’t actually try a true mom fit jean until a few weeks ago. I never could find a pair in stores that I liked, and never really wanted to pull the trigger online. One day, my bestie came over and she was wearing an older pair from Zara…so I immediately went to Zara the next day to try and find a similar pair. I did (YAY!!), and I’ve worn them SO much. What I love about mom jeans is that they fit my smaller waist, yet are loose enough around my hips and thighs. Here’s another pair I recently got!

sweat sets

I mean, OF COURSE you know I’m going to say Lou & Grey sweat sets are THE BEST. I own way too many, but I just can’t stop. Whenever we launch new sets, they just magically appear at my door;) No but seriously, aside from our SignatureSoft set, we do make really great authentic sweat sets. From cute little novelty drops (I mean look at these peace signs) to solids (I ordered 3 of these colors LOL), we’ve got you covered.


In the fall, I wear my wide brim hats until it’s warm enough to wear my beanies. I’ve been IN LOVE with the Rebecca Minkoff beanie for a little over a year now, and picked up mainly every color they have. They’re such a good knit beanie, and I definitely recommend if you like a fitted, yet still slightly slouchy beanie! My most recent obsession is the Something Navy cashmere beanie.

What are you planning on wearing all winter?!

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