The Brands/Retailers I Will Always Recommend & Bloggers I Follow For Recommendations

It’s really fun having a blog (most of the time). I sometimes can’t believe that people come to me for advice or suggestions, but it’s definitely one of the most fun parts of having this space.


In 2018, more and more consumers are looking at influencers and bloggers for everything from home decor to clothing to beauty to advice…and everything in between. Even as an influencer myself, I still am always looking to others for inspiration.

I know most of you come here for my long-form posts, but I always feel the need to reiterate that fashion is my number one priority on the blog. It’s what I’m passionate about, it’s my career, and it’s where I started. So today, I wanted to talk about a few brands I absolutely adore (mostly fashion, but some are not), and will always recommend to my readers!

brands i will always recommend


While many influencers stay away from wearing Zara (unfortunately, we can’t link to this retailer), it’s a retailer I frequently shop at. Not only do they have great basics (for work and play), but it’s also a place where you can find really trendy pieces at a fairly affordable price. While the stores can be overwhelmingly messy, I still really love shopping there (and online)! I’ve styled sweaters, coats, shoes, tops, maxi dresses, and short dresses here on the blog.


We all can agree that Target is straight up a black hole. Even their website it basically a black hole. It’s a rough life out there, I know. But Target actually has some REALLY great finds. Most recently, I purchased these shoes and this dress. I really love A New Day and Who What Wear Collection. There are some other random brands (like Mossimo — which I believe is their private label) that have some good 1-off pieces, so I highly recommend spending some time on the site!

Beyond Yoga

This is kind of a new to me brand, but thanks to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I fell in love with their clothes. I do SoulCycle regularly (3-4 times a week), and I’m ALWAYS buying new gear. Sure, I have way too many SoulCycle-branded pieces, but I just picked up a ton of Beyond Yoga items and they are amazing. First, I need to mention this pullover (actually, you can wear it 3 different ways). It’s SO good to throw on over pre-and-post-work out. It’s incredibly soft, and I love the silhouette when it’s off the shoulder. I also picked up this tank in a few colors — the perfect cropped workout tank!

& Other Stories

When & Other Stories first came around, I immediately loved their assortment! I’ve styled this skirt, and the dress I’m wearing in this post! They have a cool, edgy vibe yet still super feminine and girly. I also LOVE their accessories too!

bloggers i always go to for recommendations

For FashionI can obviously list off basically every blogger I follow, but Krystal has always been a pretty constant source of inspiration. Her editorial-mixed-with-real life style is a great balance of what I can wear every day and inspiration in terms of colors, textures, etc.

For SkincareI’m pretty sure there’s no one I trust more than Grace for this topic. She is the QUEEN of self-care, always encourages you to take a bubble bath, and is super honest about what she likes and doesn’t like. Her skin is legitimately flawless, so I know she’s doing something right.

For BeautyI’m not big into beauty and make up, but I’m starting to! I’d have to say Taylor is definitely the girl I go to for make up tips, tricks, and products. Not only does she have impeccable and fun style, but she also knows how to apply make up without looking like a clown. And that’s exactly what I want/need in my life!

For Home DecorNot like I have a home to decorate or anything, but I’ve been obsessed with everything Jess has been doing with her adorable home! She inspired me to take my bedroom into a more teal direction (ordered this bench for the front of my bed, this rug, and this desk chair).

photos by allie provost

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