When Your Best Friends Are Your Soulmates

Boys. We’ve been all been there, done that.

So we’re saving that conversation for another day. Or never. Because that works too. 

But I will say, the one constant through dating, relationships and heartbreak is your friends. You know, those people who are there at 3am no questions asked? Yeah those people. We all have them. 

I’m lucky enough to have my best friends within minutes of my house and they’ve been my constants since we were 14 years old. 9 years of friendship is pretty freakin’ special. 

I love that Sex and The City quote when they talk about how you girlfriends are your soulmates. As I grew up, I realized just how true that is. Boys 100% come and go, but your friends? Those are the ones you hold on to. Those are the things worth fighting for.

Am I being too emotional? I think so….so let’s talk about the clothes, shall we?

Boy Meets Girl (no, not the show) is finally available at Nordstrom! When the lovely ladies from there offered to send me over some of the pieces, I couldn’t say no and I knew I needed to share them with my friends. You see, the thing about us is that we love wearing comfortably cute clothes…especially when we’re just hanging out. 

Be sure to check them out (they just added some awesome new things like this shirt and these shorts)

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