Bloggers That Also Have Traditional 9-to-5 Jobs

Sometimes I don’t think those who have traditional 9-to-5 jobs on top of their blogs are given enough credit. So today, I wanted to share more gals who are just like me.

I, of course, still really appreciate those who took the leap and quit their traditional jobs to blog full time. Their bravery is insane, and I applaud them for taking such a huge risk. They’re the ones paving the way for this industry. But I obviously have a soft spot for those who run their blogs and social media accounts while having a 9-to-5 gig. I know first hand JUST how much work it truly is.

Jenn, Style Charades

I could write an entire post on Jenn and how beautifully she manages her full time job as SVP of Zapwater Communications. Since I do know Jenn personally, I can attest to her work ethic…and man, is it hard to match. She is unbelievably passionate about BOTH of her jobs, and they pair together so nicely. Her beautiful images and creative concepts are almost as beautiful as her personality! Oh, and I mean, do you ever notice how truly genuine she is on Instagram?! Even if you don’t know her, she makes an effort to learn SOMETHING about you!

Chelsea, Chelsea As Of Late

I met Chelsea this summer when we were both part of this campaign, and immediately was inspired by her creative content. When I found out she also had a 9-to-5, I appreciated her even more. You can tell how much she hustles, and the result of that is insanely good content on her blog and Instagram! I love her attitude, her sense of humor, and the way she incorporates so much into her Instagram feed and website (whether it’s a NYC location, cute props, etc.)

Morgan, How 2 Wear It

My friend, Morgan, also works full time, so she knows how it feels to be short on time for creating content. I personally love Morgan’s Instagram Stories. She always has AMAZING try on hauls and manages to keep up with the best sales! Her Instagram Stories are super engaging and informative — which definitely takes A LOT of time and effort.

Allie, Pret-A-Provost

Allie and I have been besties for years, and as much as I like to give her crap, I need to give her credit. She’s currently managing her blog, her photography business, AND being a student! Her work honestly just keeps getting better and better, so I admire her for still creating her own creative content on her website and on the ‘gram (PS: You can follow her photography page and her portfolio page too).

These four gals couldn’t be more different from each other or from myself, yet we all have something in common: Our traditional 9-to-5 gigs. I admire the hustle of these ladies during the day and at night, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting them! If you have a favorite blogger you love that also has that traditional job, drop them in the comments below so I can give them some extra love!

photo by allie provost


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