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I posted this video on Instagram last week, and decided I wanted to dedicate an entire post to this topic: THE BEST WINTER COATS! I’ve really grown such a love and appreciation for a good jacket or coat. And let’s be honest, I know you have a great outfit on underneath, so a good winter coat can make an outfit even better. Okay fine…even if it doesn’t, at least you’ll be warm.

I finally think my jacket and coat wardrobe is in a great place for every single temperature you’d need for winter in New York City…or any place that has some type of winter. So let’s get into them!

Best Winter Coats For Women

Best Winter Coats For Women 2024


We’re starting off with a classic: A puffer coat! A quintessential in every New Yorkers’ (I’m dramatic, everyone owns a puffer) closet…especially if it’s black. And if you understand that black puffer reference, we can ABSOLUTELY be friends. Anyway. Ah yes, a puffer. If you experience winter, you’re going to need one. I picked up this puffer during Black Friday sales, and I’m SO happy with it. I love it mainly because of the cinch waist – and now I don’t look like a burnt marshmallow when I’m walking the dog. I’m also REALLY loving this short metallic puffer – if I can’t stop thinking about it by next year, I think I’m going to add it to my collection!


But speaking of burnt marshmallow, the temperature outside dictates what you’re going to be wearing. So if the temperatures are 20 degrees or lower, I’m pulling out the this bad boy. I’m by NO means an Aritzia customer, but I had heard such good things about this puffer, that I needed to find out for myself. Let’s just say I sold a Canada Goose jacket because I thought this one was better. And three years later, it’s still going strong (I SWORE I had another photo in this puffer, but one from 2021 will do LOL).

I’d only recommend this puffer coat if you live in a place with SUPER cold winters. Anything over 20 degrees? Not worth it. If it’s 35 degrees and I’m wearing this coat, I can guarantee you I’m sweating.


You know when you know you need something in your closet, but haven’t found *the* one yet? That’s how I felt about a long wool topcoat.

It always reminds me of my dad and what he would wear to work for some reason. When this amaziiiiing coat came out, I knew I needed to purchase it. I actually waited quite a few weeks before purchasing, and I’m so glad I did. I felt like stock was getting low, so I purchased my size and the next day? GONE. I also LOVE this one and this one. Also, need to point out this splurge that I would give my left pinky toe for (JUST KIDDING).


If you’re a fashion girlie, you’ve probably seen the incredible Max Mara teddy coat. I could really never justify that price even though I absolutely love it…so I needed to find a good lookalike. I randomly found this Apparis coat during my search and never hit purchase quicker. It’s become such a staple in my winter wardrobe, and really think it’s one of the best coats for winter.

Okay now tell me what am I missing anything?!

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