Best Skincare Products + Things I Wanted To Try From The Sephora Sale

I’m not the biggest beauty guru, but I do love to play with new skincare products. So naturally, I did some damage at the Sephora sale.

I wasn’t going to shop the Sephora sale. I really wasn’t. I actually only have a couple of times in my life. But I wanted to send my sister a Sephora gift card, and then I got sucked into the rabbit hole of all things skincare. And I mean, how could you resist a sale. From now until 5/1, Rouge members get early access and 20% off. VIB members can start shopping today, and receive 15% off. And Insider members can start shopping 4/23, and receive 10% off. You have to use the code SPRINGSAVE to get the discount.

fresh anti-aging night moisturizer

I decided to pick up a nighttime moisturizer as well. I’m a huge fan of Fresh. If you’re in the market for a toner, I highly recommend this one! This lightweight night cream is packed with the antioxidant, lotus, that supports the skin’s natural barrier and minimizes the look of fine lines. It has peach leaf extract that helps skin look and feel refreshed/de-stressed overnight. I like that it works while you’re sleeping!

glow overnight mask

I’ve talked about this product in the past, and I still stand by those words. I absolutely love how refreshing this mask feels when it goes on. When I’m sleeping, it’s not very sticky. In the morning, my skin feels AMAZING after washing it off. Highly, highly recommend if your skin needs a boost of hydration.

body brush

I’ve seen Grace and Kelly post about body brushes, and realized I probably should just bite the bullet. I ended up purchasing this one from the sale. My skin is SUPER dry and gross at the moment, so I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about dry brushing and get my skin healthy. You can use a dry brush for a dry massage (duh) or in the shower. I think if you use it in the shower, you use it with an oil. But don’t quote me on that. Dry brushing promotes tight, smooth skin, and visibly reduces/prevents cellulite.

tata harper resurfacing mask

I’ve heard great things about this mask. I occasionally use this cleanser when I want to use an oil, so it’s a brand I like and trust. I’m really excited to get this mask because it helps with dullness and refines the look of pores. My skin has been feeling and looking a little uneven, so I was excited to see this mask helps with that texture. Another plus is that this product is considered clean…and that’s something I’m trying to lean towards when purchasing products.

farmacy oil-free moisturizer

To be honest, I’m running low on the moisturizer I have at my boyfriend’s place, so I needed a to get ahead of it and order something. I decided to try something new, and I picked this moisturizer solely based off the reviews (isn’t it weird when you buy something that isn’t recommended from an influencer? LOL). This one is an oil-free daily moisturizer that provides lightweight, lasting hydration while helping to clear pores and reduce shine. Again, this product is considered clean, so YAY – added bonus!

Are you shopping the sale? What are you looking to purchase?

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