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There truly is a place for a button down in every person’s closet (these must have wardrobe pieces from last year still check for me) – doesn’t matter what your personal style is. And I think I’ve found THE best button down that you need to add to your closet. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

The Best Button Down Shirt

Why do I think this is the best button down shirt? The main reason is its versatility. I’ve never been a big fan of slim fit shirts – it’s a personal preference because I genuinely HATE when shirts with sleeves are too close to my body (I have sensory processing disorder). So I typically lean into buying the most oversized pieces. But when it comes to the best one? This one is it. It’s the perfect in between shirt. It’s the perfect amount of oversized, but not overly boxy. It makes for the perfect shirt.

How To Style A Button Down Shirt

I meant it when I said this button down was so versatile. I own two solids and a stripe, and I’ve worn all three more times than I can count.

I styled this look on one of those 10/10 weather days in New York City. I love a good cotton & linen combination, especially towards the end of summer. I paired this button down with a cargo mini skort (similar version here for less). One of the most simple looks I’ve ever put together (especially for the blog), but one that is so polished and put together.

Here are a couple other ways you can style this shirt:

  • With a black skort (or shorts) – pictured here
  • Tucked in with straight leg jeans
  • With bike shorts
  • Half tuck with any jean
  • With leggings
  • With leggings + a sweater over shoulders
  • As a layering piece under a sweater

Other Button Down Shirts

Your likely to find a button down shirt at ANY retailer you shop at. As I get older, I’m really trying to put quality over price, so I don’t mind spending a little extra on something that I know will be in my closet for years. Below are some of my picks under $250 (most are way under that though).

photos by allie provost

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