5 Amazon Finds You Didn’t Know You Needed | Vol. 2

Yup, my Amazon finds needs to be a series because I’ve been finding some serious gems. Rob and I are trying to make our apartment as cozy as possible, so we’ve been doing a lot of Amazon ordering. This is my latest round of things that made my life better in the smallest way, and are WORTH IT. The theme of this post is definitely “Amazon finds for bed”. So let’s get into it.

Amazon Finds For Bed Time Routine

Silk Pillowcases

I’ve been sleeping on the same Drybar silk pillowcase for longer than I’d like to admit (I mean, they don’t even make them anymore, soooo). When Rob and I babysat our niece a few weekends ago, I noticed my sister had some silk pillowcases. I had a feeling she ordered them on Amazon. And what do ya know, I was right. So I ordered them for us. I don’t think they’re AS good as a SLIP silk pillowcase, but my skin and hair feel the same as when I was sleeping on the Drybar pillowcase. So I’m calling it a win.

New Sheets

Much like the pillowcases, my sister has insanely soft sheets that I’ve always loved. I assumed they were expensive, but when I finally asked her, she said they were from Amazon. CLASSIC. They’re SUPER soft, but don’t have that jersey or flannel hand feel. So far they’re cool, and that’s coming from someone who runs SUPER hot throughout the night.

Bed Spray

Keeping up with the theme, I love lavender anything. Anytime I can get my hands on anything lavender, I do. I really want our sleep space to be as cozy as possible, so I was thinking of ways to do that…specifically before bed. We got this spray and I LOVE IT. We keep one near our bed and one in the shower. I’m usually a night showerer, so I spray it at night and it really is super calming. We continue with our nightly routine, and before we get into bed Rob will spray it on our pillows — and then we quite literally jump into bed.

Ice Roller

I’ve had this ice roller for a couple of years. When I moved out of my parents’ house, I forgot about it. I randomly saw it when I was visiting them and was so excited to take it back. They’re SO good – I had to order another one for Rob. We usually ice roll together (LOL) after showering at night. We’ll sit on the couch and just watch some TV for 10 minutes. It definitely helps regulate my nervous system, and helps me seal in all of the products I put on my face/neck!

Skincare Headbands

Another fantastic purchase – the skincare headband. I’ve been seeing these viral ones, but I realized they don’t actually keep your hair from getting wet? I got this pack of three, and they’re perfect!

Gimme some of your favorite Amazon finds!

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